4 Ways to Design a Sparkling Web Personality (And Boost Trust Too)

Happy funny people with balls. Isolated over white background.

Personality in web design or web design with personality… Whichever way you like to think about it, this concept has gained a lot of popularity and importance over the last couple of years. The web becomes more and more important in our personal and professional lives. Not only do we spend more time online than […]

A Pro Designer Shares the Psychology of Font Choices [Infographic]


Did you ever think that the font type you choose for your logo could say something about you and your business? Or that it could convey your message in a certain light? Today’s infographic covers the psychology behind type choices. You will learn how serif, sans serif, script, modern, and display typefaces and their fonts […]

Design + Copy: The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts

sum is greater than parts

Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts. This is one of those times. Yes, good copy and a driving message are important to conversions. But your website’s design can make or break that copy. People are visual, and knowing that, you can tap into some powerful techniques that combine a strong message with aesthetics […]

Finding Photos Online: The Who, What, Where, and Why


By now, most companies have figured out the benefit of having a blog as part of a company website, and being able to add images to your blog posts is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many companies are still hazy about how photos work when you put them into blog posts. At times, it just seems easier […]

Understanding The User Experience

user experience

User experience. Not a new concept. Yet, it seems that all of us have our own ideas about it. Based on definitions I compile from a Google search, UX describes the individual perception, thoughts, and responses with respect to a product, system, or service. It’s how we feel and think about, and how we perceive […]

4 Secrets to an Outstanding Mobile Website

mobile web design

As much as the CrazyEgg technology has revolutionized our approach to understanding just what makes our visitors ‘tick’ online, there’s still one thing that remains a tough nut to crack. What is it? Making modifications to our company’s mobile website. Whether using a responsive theme or building an entirely new sub-domain for mobile viewers, most […]

Could This New Web Design Trend Be Right for Your Brand?

web design trend

Most businesses want a website that gives their company the most credible online presence possible. Which makes sense. Customers are affected by how a company’s website looks in the same way they’re affected by how a salesman dresses. If a salesman’s shirt is untucked and shoelaces are untied, they’re not going to be taken as […]

4 Pillars of Lean Web Design


The lean movement. We’ve all heard of it. And considering its recent popularity, it’s probably a good thing. But what exactly does ‘lean’ mean? Here is my definition: Lean describes a way of doing something with a verified goal in mind and with a very clear focus. For lean web design, this means a constant […]

Sick and Tired of a Boring Brand? Color It Vibrant

brand colors

Color matters a lot. It creates energy and excitement around your brand. Or completely detracts from it. So how do you know which colors are right for your brand? Your brand colors should have the right emotional association and match your brand’s unique style. Two infographics can show you how to do that. The color of […]

15 Color Palettes from Top Financial Websites


In design, color is as important as words for conveying your brand’s style and personality. But there’s more to choosing a color palette than simply picking your favorites or trying to stand out from the competition. Consumers have different expectations for different industries. Sway too far off that beaten path, and you may lose people […]

Improve Your User Experience with This Simple Design Trick

green wave

Looking for a simple way to enhance user experience on your website? It’s as simple as adding white space. White space refers to the empty space between paragraphs, pictures, buttons, icons and other items on your web page. In web design, it’s one of the many areas that can affect customer perception and their subsequent […]

How to Create a Marketing Campaign like Google (and Surprise and Delight Your Audience)

google-2nd tier page

Google doesn’t just talk about user experience and optimization. It shows us how to do it. The Full Value of Mobile promotion is an outstanding example of new media marketing, content creation  and pure entertainment. So let’s take a close look at Google’s methods to see how you can create something similar. Start with your […]

5 Key Principles Of Good Website Usability

local search

It’s true, usability has become a commodity. Over the past few years, we have gotten used to certain standards in web design. In order to make a lasting impression on your visitors, you need to build experiences that go beyond those of a plain, usable website. This does not mean usability has become any less […]

22 Image Editing Tools to Make Your Pictures Pop!


Point. Click. Now what? It’s now easier than ever for digital marketers and content creators to take photos and find images, but what can you do if the image isn’t quite right? From resizing tools to full-fledged Photoshop replacement, here’s a round up of tools to make you bend images to your will. Most of […]

The Best Websites In The World Do These 6 Things…


You know a good website when you see it. But what is it exactly that makes it so darn good? Here are six things the best websites in the world do, 1.  The best websites unify the experience To create a strong brand experience visually, web design has to be part of the overall design […]

5 Website Design Practices To Leave Behind In 2013

Website Design Practices

As 2013 approaches, it’s time to forever say goodbye to some bad design practices. I don’t mean the worst possible aesthetic decisions, but rather trends and fads that need to be put out of their misery. In this article we will be looking at some of the design trends and habits of yesteryear. 1. Elaborate […]

6 Tried and Tested Starting Points For Any Web Page Design

Starting Points Web Page Design

While the creative process can not be rushed, there’s a lot you can do to accelerate the process. One effective way is to work systematically.  Find a tried and tested starting point. One way to quickly run through options and ideas for designing a great landing page is to try out and play with some […]

10 Best Infographics on Web Design And Development

Best Infographics Web Design

Need some inspiration when it comes to web design or development? Whether you are just getting started building your own website or you are an experienced web designer or developer, here are 10 great infographics about the history of web design, color, programming, typography, templates, technology, and more that should get your creative website imagination […]

Get The Action You Want On Your Website Using These Four Visual Cues


Not seeing the action you want on your website? If you’re not leading your website visitors to take specific actions, they’ll just randomly browse through your pages, look at odd text and icons, then leave without buying anything. The good news is that, if you carefully direct your user’s experience through your site, you can […]

Why a Misunderstanding of Art Can Kill Your Conversion Rate


When you close your eyes and imagine “art” what do you see? A painting? A sculpture? Calligraphy? Being dragged through a museum by your significant other? I bet you didn’t visualize a website. In this post we’ll talk about the difference between art and applied art and how an understanding of the distinction will increase […]

Introducing Muse: Why Adobe’s New Design Tool is Worthy of Your Attention


Here is a distinction I always make clear to my clients from the get go: ‘I’m a designer. Not a developer.’ It is important for me to state this because I couldn’t write code if my life depended on it. Ok, so I may be exaggerating a little. Even so, a general understanding of webpage […]

5 Ways To Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Website Design and Copy


We all love a good story. Our lives are filled with millions of stories- historical and factual, mythological and fantastical, personal and public, long and short. Stories are how we make sense of the world around us, gain knowledge and insights, get inspired and situate our own existence in the overwhelming narrative around us. Stories […]

11 Industry Leading Mobile Websites And Why They Work


In the U.S., 50% of all cell phones are smartphones. Yet even with half the market accessing the web from a cell phone, mobile optimized sites are not as frequent as you might think. There are still even more sites that are not only not mobile optimized, but are completely unusable on a mobile device. […]

20 Outstanding iPhone App Websites


Every app needs a site to help promote it. Oftentimes, the attention to detail that went into the making of the app is parlayed into its promotional website. It’s here where you’ll be able to find out more information about the app in the form of videos and screenshots, and how your life will benefit […]

Website Design Analysis Of Ten World Class Brands


Starbucks, BMW, Wells Fargo. These are world-class brands with high-dollar budgets.  And their websites don’t disappoint. Let’s take a look at the design elements on ten of the most powerful brands in the world.  1. Apple Apple’s design aesthetic has influenced modern web design significantly. It focuses on large areas of white space and big […]

Find Your Perfect Responsive WordPress Theme In This Beautiful Gallery


If you are trying to find the perfect responsive WordPress theme, this WordPress gallery is for you. Here are 15 beautiful and responsive WordPress themes. Streamline 2.0 Streamline is a responsive WordPress theme that runs on the Genesis Theme Framework from StudioPress. This responsive design ensures that whether you’re viewing the site on a desktop, […]

Resources and Rules For Web Typography Newbies


It’s been only in very recent times that typography on the web has opened up to more than just web safe fonts. With new (and many times free) web fonts gaining in popularity, web typography is becoming a lot more interesting – and challenging. To navigate the world of web typography, keep these two guidelines […]

Can A “Mobile First” Responsive Web Design Boost Your Sales?


Your website analytics will prove it.  The world has gone mobile. And smart marketers and web designers are going responsive. Responsive design is a new trend in web design that uses a fluid and flexible layout. Websites are developed in HTML and through CSS3 media queries you can adapt your entire website for particular devices […]

Surprise! The Next Design Revolution Is Brought To You By Microsoft


Remember how the Mac fan boys used to turn their nose up and anything and everything Microsoft? Well, they are under a lot of heat right now. Just as Apple finally became bigger than Microsoft, Microsoft has turned the tables and come back swinging. The web has been abuzz since the new ‘Metro UI’ has […]

10 Beautifully Executed Font Combinations For The Web


Typography is an element that should compliment the content of a website. When used well, it establishes a visual hierarchy and helps the user connect with the content. In the modern web, new technologies and tools, such as API utilization, @font-face, CSS3, make this task much easier in creating compelling visual impressions. When planning a […]

9 Web Trends Foreshadowed By Time Magazine’s 2011 Best Websites


Time magazine’s list of the 50 best websites is always indicative of the trends that are hot (and lucrative) on the web.  The 2011 award winners were no different.  An analysis of the honored websites of yesteryear reveal nine (and surely more) trends that have had serious staying power in 2012. Time’s 2011 selections are […]

What Ernest Hemingway Can Teach You About Web Design


Most people have the wrong idea about designing websites and drafting papers. They think the first draft has to be perfect and there’s no margin for error. Everything has to be done exactly right the first time. Period. But that’s not the case. The best papers, including essays, stories, articles, etc., are written through a […]

6 Variables To Test On Your Call-To-Action Buttons


We’ve talked about several ways to use images to improve conversion rates before, but perhaps no image is quite as significant in boosting clicks and conversions like the call-to-action button. Done right, the call-to-action button can act as a visual attention-getter that, when paired with a compelling offer, gets people eager to act. But some […]

14 Experts Review The Effectiveness of Freshbooks Home Page


Freshbooks is cloud based invoicing, expense tracking and time tracking software. They have a youthful, dare I say ‘fresh’ brand. And they understand the power of good design and landing page optimization.  This is evident by the fact that the home page we are reviewing today has already been replaced by a new version. The […]

10 Beautiful Website Color Palettes That Increase Engagement


Is the color scheme you’ve chosen for your website triggering a desired response? Everyone has favorite colors they tend to gravitate towards when it comes to their work or otherwise, but the skilled designer understands the importance of evaluating a color scheme based on the meanings of the color in relation to the product/service being […]

6 Ways To Optimize Your eCommerce Checkout


Unfortunately, most eCommerce websites don’t do checkout very well. I believe this is mainly because the website owners business objectives have been put before the needs and wants of the customer. There are many things one can do to ensure we focus on the customers needs and change our checkout process accordingly, so I’ve listed […]

Website Lessons From 10 Of The Most Admired Companies In The World


It could be one of the most telling questions that Fortune Magazine asks consumers. What company do you admire most?  Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies in the world in 2012 includes everything from tech companies like Apple and Google, to consumer brands like General Mills and Whole Foods. These are big brands with […]

Sober Web Experts Can’t Focus On The Wine Spectator Home Page


We have mixed reviews on the online version of the classy magazine, Wine Spectator. One thing is clear though, this website has a lot of information to communicate to its audience.  From wine ratings to classes to print and online subscriptions. How well the website communicates this information is up to our Crazy Egg experts […]

How The Role Of The Graphic Designer Must Change On The New Web


Design aesthetics are important but when they compromise usability, it’s customers and ultimately your bottom line that will suffer. For those who have been working with the web since the nineties, you’ll remember that in its infancy, building ‘web pages’ was to many a dark art, and afforded those versed in the practice some respect… […]

6 Important Web Design and Usability Trends Sparked By Pinterest


Everyone wants the Pinterest look. The visual bookmarking turned social networking website is currently having the same effect on web design that a certain hairstyle from Friends had on the hair industry and Apple’s revolutionary engineering had on product design. For those who are still somehow unaware of what Pinterest is, it’s an online pinboard […]

Everything I Needed To Know About User Experience I Learned In A Restaurant


User Experience design is full of talented professionals from every corner of the digital age. Some are behavioral psychologists, some are graphic designers and some are developers… the list goes on and on. Me? I learned everything I need to know about User Experience from working in a restaurant. The web business, just like a […]

6 Image and Text Placeholders For Your Next Web Design Project


When starting any web design project one of the hardest, most time-consuming parts is choosing the right images to place on each page and obtaining content from your client. Using placeholder images and text can help you get started on that project quickly. Here are some resources I’ve used to generate copy and images for […]

6 Reasons Search Engine Traffic Will Flee Your Website


There is a reason that traffic from search engines is hard to please.  Six reasons actually. When a site visitor arrives after being referred by a friend or family member in an email or from Facebook, we call it Referral Traffic.  It’s a warmer lead then the folks that come in cold from Search Engine […]

20 Websites Using Mascots to Differentiate Themselves From the Competition


Mascots are becoming more and more popular in modern web design. What was once a tradition for sport competitions, a mascot can strengthen the sense of attachment or belonging to a product or service. They can also elicit an emotional response from the viewer, which in turn fosters positive feelings. A mascot is one avenue […]

What You Can Learn From 15 Product Based Startup Websites


Startups by default need to put a lot of care and attention into their websites to attract interest from both potential customers and investors. They need to quickly answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” so making a positive first impression is paramount. For a startup, your product is heavily tied to your website! […]

The 7-Step Guide for Creating an Effective Web-Ready Logo


There is nothing more important than your identity. Your logo is the visual identity of your business that reflects and represents everything you are.  It is of immense importance and value to your business even if it does not have a numerical ROI. But, unfortunately, logo design is still an underrated business aspect that is […]

How To Use Analytics To Make Smart Decisions About A Web Redesign


There have never been as many different devices capable of using the Internet as there are today. Tomorrow there will be more. Forward thinking web site owners and developers are racing to provide an experience that caters for phones and tablets and their high-resolution ‘retina’ variants. Meanwhile screen sizes and technologies are just as likely […]

6 Rules Every Minimalist Web Designer Should Live By


Mies van der Rohe is famous for the applying his motto “less is more” to design in architecture. Since his time, designers of all types have adopted and applied the same mentality to their work. Let’s look at how can we apply this “less is more” principle to web design. It’s important to remember that […]

7 Visual Design Tips and Tricks that Boost Conversion


Your visitors have ADD. Well, not literally but they do share some characteristics with people who suffer from ADD (Attention-deficit disorder): They are inattentive, easily distracted, don’t like to do things right away and forget all about coming back. All of which spell doom for your landing page. It’s not just your fault though: The […]

6 Ways To Use Images To Increase Online Conversions


The age old adage ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is still as relevant today as ever. As we shop, connect, and socialise online, our main communication mode is visual, so using images becomes key to getting your message across. Pictures can convey a story, emotion or solution in a matter of seconds; they can […]