The One Email That Belongs in Every Autoresponder Sequence

Email Autoresponder Sequence

John Fancher is Perry Marshall’s “go-to” copywriter and has written for the Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle among many others.  John writes A LOT…both copy and music. He’s particularly well-known for his expertise in writing autoresponders and plays a big role in Perry Marshall’s Autoresponder Bootcamp training program (a course I’ve taken and can very highly recommend). […]

Which Email Marketing Service Is Right For You?

Review Email Marketing Services

In the first article of my 8-part email marketing series, I showed you why email is not only alive and thriving, but essential to the success of your business. This week, we’ll review the various email marketing services that are out there and the pros and cons of each. First, you should know that there […]

Email Marketing: What’s Working Today


If you’ve heard that “email marketing is dead”… you need to forget everything you’ve heard and pay attention for the next few weeks as I begin my 8-series column on email marketing. Since this is my first post on The Daily Egg, let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Reeves.  I’m a direct response […]

6 Email Marketing Software Reviews: Software For Every Budget


Looking for email marketing software that has all the features you want at the price you’re looking to pay? These are unbiased reviews of six email marketing providers for any budget ranging from free to enterprise email marketing solutions. Read through the reviews and decide which is best for your email marketing needs. 1. Constant […]

Does Traffic From Twitter or Facebook Generate More Email Subscribers?


Here at The Daily Egg, we like to use data to drive our decision making. Here’s the question: Should I be committing more time to Twitter or Facebook? For this blog, there are two main goals: Increase sign ups for the Crazy Egg software free trial Increase email subscribers Today, we are going to look […]

3 Essential Elements of Non-Annoying Email Outreach

Email Marketing Evolution

When it comes to getting the word out about your your content, promotion cannot end with a tweet. Reaching out to relevant influencers (via email) is essential for getting the exposure your brand deserves. But how do you go about this? Even better, how can you accomplish email outreach without annoying these influencers, damaging your […]

7 Steps to a High-Converting Email Marketing Campaign


“The money’s in the list!” Marketing gurus croon.  But just creating a simple opt-in form and hoping that “if you build it, they will come” is not enough to base a solid email marketing campaign on.  You need real, proven, actionable steps that not only attract subscribers, but get them to stay – and act […]

8 Little Known Ways to Avoid The Email Spam Filter


You can’t afford to spend time, money and energy creating email campaigns only to have them land in the spam filter. The list of criteria for what constitutes spam is growing and more savvy software is being developed to protect people from unsolicited emails. Make no mistake, spamming is wrong, but it doesn’t take a […]

8 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter


When it comes to email marketing, there are key numbers you should be watching. These numbers can prevent you from paying more than you should have to for your email service, sending emails that might get sent to the spam filter, and, in general, angering your subscribers. Screenshots in this post are taking from a […]

How To Create Better Email Campaigns with MailChimp’s AB Split Testing Tool


Email campaigns are an important part of the marketing mix for any business; you can keep your subscribers engaged with new services, sell products or build followers. If you’re going to invest time and resources into developing a subscription list and delivering content regularly, you want to be sure your subscribers are sitting up, paying […]

How To Design an Email Newsletter Template in 7 Simple Steps


Email newsletters are more important than ever. If you want to reach potential and existing customers, they’re a great way to spread the word about upcoming projects, company news, and other business-related information to a large audience. In this tutorial I’ll walk you through how to create your own email newsletter template in Photoshop, taking […]

Four Dating Mistakes Email Marketers Should Never Repeat


Back in the day, I was a dating fool. From my first middle school dance through the high school mixers, college frat parties and the post-graduate bar scene, I broke just about every rule – not because I was some rebel. No, I just didn’t get it. It’s a wonder I ever got married. Now, […]