A Quick-Start Guide to Universal Analytics


There’s something new from Google Analytics. OK, well, maybe it’s not that new. The search giant announced Universal Analytics back in October 2012 and now it’s in open beta. As a stats junkie I had to try it out, and I thought you might like to as well. So here’s my walkthrough of the setup […]

How To Remove Ugly URL Parameters from Google Analytics Reports

Remove Ugly URL Parameters

Is Google Analytics cluttering up your reports with 100’s or thousands of unique pages that don’t really exist? The problem is created by ugly URL’s.  You know what I mean when I say ugly URL’s? Here’s an ugly one: http://www.crazyegg.com/welcome?txn=222050&tl=30 What makes it ugly is the ?txn=222050&tl=30 These are parameters that are appended to the URL […]

How To Build Your Own Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard

You have probably already figured out that I’m a bit of an analytics nut. Not only do I use Google Analytics but I also use several alternatives. I check out analytics blogs and have used custom dashboards and reports. The one thing I haven’t done – until now – is create my own dashboard. I […]

5 Custom Google Analytics Dashboards And How To Use Them

home pages that hit the mark

Want a more organized way to look at your Google Analytics data? Custom dashboards in Google Analytics could be the answer. Google Analytics collects a lot of data but if you want to make the most of it you need to visualize it in the way that has most meaning for your business. That’s what […]

View Only Mobile Traffic (And 3 other uses for Google Analytics profile filters)

Google Analytics Profile Filters

Google Analytics profile filters rock. The most common use is to include or exclude data in your reports based on some kind of parameter. You might want to: View only (or exclude) data from mobile traffic View only (or exclude) data from a particular domain View only (or exclude) data from a particular location Here’s […]

12 Must Read Analytics Blogs


Are you looking for the best analytics blogs on the Internet? Here (in no particular order) is a list of blogs and sites can help you wrestle the topic into submission. 1. Analytics Talk Analytics Talk is the personal blog of Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google, so he’s in a great position to […]

How To Use Google Analytics New Attribution Modeling Tool (And how to get it)

Google Analytics Attribution Modeling Tool

One of the knocks on Google Analytics has been the way it handles goal attribution. Translation:  the way that Google Analytics currently gives credit to a conversion (a purchase, a form fill, a donation, etc) can be very misleading. Google Analytics currently attributes credit for a conversion using the Last Interaction Model.  If you want […]

Why Is Google Analytics Inaccurate?

Why is Google Analytics Inaccurate

So you noticed, eh? Google Analytics is inaccurate. There’s a reason for that, actually there are several. Here’s a fairly exhaustive list that I have divided into two categories: Stuff you can fix Stuff you have no control over Ready to find out why your Google Analytics is inaccurate?  Here we go… Google Analytics Errors […]

The Best Website KPI’s For Three Different Website Types

Best Website KPI's and Metrics

Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison penned this famous song lyric in 1988, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there.” You know you should be measuring your digital marketing efforts but what should be measured? The answer, of course, is that it depends.  What kind of website do you have?  What […]