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Joyce Grace writes about WordPress, SEO, marketing, and other related topics at ManageWP, the WordPress management dashboard for managing any number of WordPress sites. In her other life, she runs a small Internet marketing business in Vancouver, Canada, where she helps clients market their companies online by performing SEO, copywriting and making websites.

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4 Undisputable Reasons for Branding Yourself Instead of Your Biz

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When I first started my business, choosing a name was a big deal. What was available? What was unique? What had a good ‘ring’ to it? Then there was the logo. Three designers took their hack at it before it was satisfactory. The website design just had to be perfect. This was my company’s branding, […]

Your SEO Problems May Have Nothing to Do With Your Website

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Whether your business is small, big, been around for ages or just starting out, a well-optimized website is one of your best marketing investments. But have you noticed? SEO isn’t always fool proof. Sometimes, no matter how smart your tactics, you simply can’t make it to a page-one ranking in the SERPs. Well here’s the […]

What To Do When Google Keyword Planner Gives You Zeros for Your Keyword + City Name

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You know that moment, when you’re trying to find out how many people search for “banana stand Balboa Island,” but Google Keyword Planner gives you a “-” under “Avg. monthly searches”? Not to worry. There’s “always money in the banana stand.” You might not own a banana stand, but if you’re reading this you probably […]