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I'm a copywriter, blogger, and content marketing specialist. With a background in both sales and accounting, I have the perfect combination of skills to help businesses reach their target market using a creative yet data-driven approach.

I love taking a great product or exceptional service and getting it in front of potential buyers. I've done major projects for industry-leading law firms, massive social media platforms, SAAS providers, tutorial sites, and more.

As an experienced copywriter, I can personally help you create or optimize:

- Email campaigns
- Website copy
- Direct-response landing pages
- Engaging content

With all the inferior products/services netting millions today, my passion is to see quality offerings acquire the attention they deserve.

If you've been frustrated with your marketing results, there is an answer! You're probably just looking in the wrong spots. I'll help you identify, attract, and resonate with your target audience.

There's nothing more satisfying than watching that sales graph start moving upward, but it won't happen on it's own.

Contact me right now and we'll get started!

Jacob McMillen

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It’s Time To Think Mobile (Here Are 5 Ways To Increase Landing Page Conversions)

time to think mobile

The age of mobile is long upon us. You know this. I know this. Marketers everywhere know this. And yet, we continue to focus our CRO discussion on desktop. I think part of this is due to options. There’s a lot less we can do on mobile, so we tend to focus on desktop and […]

5 Pieces of Terrible Marketing Advice You Shouldn’t Follow


Can you ever read “too much” marketing advice? Nowadays, there are a hundred different blogs on any given marketing topic, each with a hundred different articles. The advice and tips are never-ending.

5 Fail-Proof Strategies For Increasing Your Email Open Rate


It’s no secret I’m a MASSIVE fan of email marketing. Email lists simply convert at a higher rate than any other organic channel, and unlike channels such as AdWords or social media, your email list is an asset you will ALWAYS have control over. Unfortunately, an email list isn’t automatic money. What you do with […]

3 Ways To Make Your Hero Shot Convert Better

3 ways convert

Your hero shot is indisputably the most valuable piece of real estate on your website. It’s the only thing you are GUARANTEED your visitors will see. If you’re not completely sure what a hero shot is, click a link and then take a screenshot the moment you arrive. That’s the hero shot. Here is Crazy […]

How To Increase Conversions By Forgetting The CTA

Forget the CTA

Your target customer has zero interest in your CTA. He/she doesn’t particularly care about the call, the signup, or even the purchase. He/she isn’t really concerned about whether your CTA copy matches the value proposition. Your target customer is uninterested in your conversion optimization efforts. You know this. Why am I telling you anyway?

Oops! Are You Applying The Right Advice To The WRONG Headlines?


Whether we’re discussing copy, conversions, landing pages, SEO, content marketing, etc., headlines nearly always come up as a crucial piece of the puzzle. But not all headlines are the same. The type of headline you use on a landing page isn’t the same as you would use for a blog article. The type of headline […]

How To Build A Landing Page From Scratch

BETTER landing pages 590

A while back, we discussed ready-made landing pages in some detail. We evaluated how to customize lading pages “out of the box” and even reviewed the top landing page providers. For many businesses, ready-made landing pages are the way to go. You don’t have the time, expertise, or team to tackle landing pages without help, […]

Understand This BEFORE You Start Your Business

Market Fit

The success of your business depends on 3 major factors. Team Product Market Fit You can’t succeed if your business isn’t running properly or nobody knows about it…

How To Put The UNIQUE In Your Unique Value Proposition

glowing bulb uniqueness concept on wooden background

According to ConversionXL, value proposition is the #1 factor influencing whether a visitor to your website will “peace out” or continue reading. In other words, it’s kind of a big deal. When visitors reach your homepage, you have only a few seconds to catch their attention. This requires you to be something they haven’t seen […]