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Chris Kilbourn is a content strategist at Qzzr, an online quiz tool that allows you to create quizzes and post them anywhere. In past lives, he was a professional rock star (seriously), and he built and sold 2 successful companies from the ground up. You can connect with him via email at chris.kilbourn@qzzr.com.

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How We Increased Content Shares by 200% After Simplifying CTAs


You know that feeling of pride you get after your company puts together a piece of content that is just brilliant? You want everyone to see it, and you have full confidence that it will delight anyone that it reaches. But how do you make that happen in a cost-efficient way? Here’s a novel idea: […]

Are You a Conversion Optimization Rockstar? Take the Quiz

rockstar guitar

So you think you’re a web conversion expert? Test your knowledge of this complex area by answering these 10 questions. Give yourself a point for each yes and tally your score below to find out if you really know your stuff. 1. Do you know your strategy and goals? Your conversion optimization efforts won’t get you […]

How Simplification Saved Our Website Redesign and Increased Conversions by 4x [Case Study]


Giving customers more options doesn’t always lead to better conversions. In fact, it can kill off your website altogether. That’s what nearly happened when Fit Marketing redesigned the Underwater Audio website.

How to Conduct a Link Audit Like Sherlock Holmes

sherlock thumbnail

Feeling the pain of poor SEO efforts in the past? Thanks to Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird, the search game has changed. It’s now more important than ever to find and root out bad links to your site. Most links are great. But the wrong kinds of links could end up hurting your search ranking. Google […]

How to Kill Your Frankenstein-Like Marketing Campaign Today


“It’s alive!” Or is it? Just because your marketing campaign has as many parts as Frankenstein’s monster, that doesn’t mean it’s working. In fact, you may be stretched way too thin. It’s something that happens to many marketers, especially with new social media sites and promotional channels springing up every day. If you have created […]

10 Signs a Content Marketing Campaign Is Dying (And How to Save It)

Withered Roses

Dead in the water. If that describes your content marketing campaign, you are in big trouble. But how do you know when your campaign is heading for the rocks—and how do you fix it? Here are some of the main reasons why content marketing campaigns fail. Image credit: Horia Varlan 1. You Don’t Know Who […]

SEO in the Age of Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird: You’re Doing It Wrong

Google Penguin - feature

Everything you learned about SEO five years ago is wrong. Heck, everything you learned about SEO before last year is wrong too! That’s because 2012 was the year of the Penguin—the Google Penguin, that is. Earlier this year, Penguin got an update and Penguin 2.0 went live. And now we have Hummingbird. If you want to find […]