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App Economics & Unbridled Opportunity: a Mobile Marketer Gold Rush?

by Ritika Puri

It’s hard to believe that seven years ago, the app industry didn’t exist. And today?

  • U.S. Consumers spend more than two hours on apps every day

  • The average user has more than 100 apps on their mobile device

  • The apps economy has created more than half a million jobs

  • The apps industry is worth $25 billion

And that’s just the beginning. By 2016, the apps marketplace will nearly double in size to nearly $46 billion. (Tweet this)

If your specialty is conversion-centered design, UX, copywriting, content strategy or e-mail marketing, you need to memorize the following infographic from iStrategyLabs. You’re lucky to be a marketer because — guess what? High growth means high demand for your exact talent.

App Economics
Read Between the Lines
These numbers are a powerful lens into consumer behavior, but if you scratch the surface,   you’ll see much more. Job prospects. Areas of advancement and innovation. An opportunity to stand apart from your marketer competition. Become a key leader before the market place gets crowded. Start your own business. The time to act on this area of opportunity is now before everyone else jumps in.

Make Your Own Rules
Mobile is still in its infancy with uncharted territory. Best practices are nebulous at best, which means that it’s your role to set the standards, rules, and trends. New business opportunities open doors for creative minds to invent, create, and beautify. In the app world, what distinguishes ‘good’ from ‘awesome?’ How should a mobile content strategy work? And calls to action? Start measuring. Then jump in and answer those questions (seriously, do it in the comments section below).

Key Lessons
The best way to learn? Your network of marketer peers. Be a lurker, learner, and advice seeker. And when you’re ready, be a thought leader, teacher, and mentor. Marketer to marketer, these key strategic tips are invaluable must-knows.

1. Smartphones are invaluable incentivizer platforms

Mobile coupons have a redemption rate 10 times higher than that of print coupons. via @brianna5mith

— Social Media Today (@socialmedia2day) May 2, 2013

2. Conversion optimization needs  focused attention

70% of mobile searches lead to action in an hour, while 70% desktop searches lead to action in a month by @bill_gross

— Luis Esteban (@lesteban) May 7, 2013

3. Engagement is mission-critical

Coca-Cola’s campaign shows the potential of mobile marketing as an engagement channel..#mrec #mobilemarketing

— mRecruitingcamp (@mRecruitingcamp) March 13, 2013

4. Mobile bridges digital with brick-and-mortar

In-store mobile marketing solution enables real-time targeting of #in-store

— engage (@ShopperExperts) March 12, 2013

5. There’s significant work to be done

Mobile Marketing Study: 96 pct of consumers have encountered sites that weren’t mobile friendly #MobileMarketing

— Judy Hamilton (@ToggleTo) April 10, 2013

What key opportunities have you found in the world of mobile apps and mobile marketing?

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Ritika Puri

Ritika Puri is a San Francisco-based blogger who writes about trends in business, internet culture, and marketing. She’s inspired by the intersection between technology, entrepreneurship, and sociology. By day, she works for a large online media company, and after-hours, she runs her writing consulting business, UserGrasp.


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