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January’s Best: 12 Links for the Conversion, Analytics and Copywriting Minded

by Russ Henneberry

Let’s get right to it.

This is the maiden voyage of a segment we are starting in 2013 called A Dozen Eggs.

These are (in this marketer’s opinion) the best conversion, analytics and copywriting articles from January of 2013.

Here is the January 2013 edition of A Dozen Eggs.

Conversion Optimization

January's Best Conversion Optimization, Analytics and Copywriting Articles

Beauty Pays: Beautiful Websites (and People) Get Better Results – This is an outstanding post on the effect that beauty and design can have on our results.

Test Your Gut: 3 AB Tests from the Gaming Industry – Linda Bustos from Get Elastic details three A/B tests from the good folks at WhichTestWon.

Value Proposition: Congress has a value exchange problem … do your marketing offers? – Daniel Burstein uses the low popularity of the U.S. Congress to teach us a lesson about making a good offer.

3 Reasons Buyers Bail – and Super Simple Ways to Fix Them – Tim Ash of Site Tuners provides three solid ways to keep buyers from abandoning your shopping cart.


Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big! – Avinask Kaushik details ten of his favorite ways to view data in Google Analytics.

Excel Statistics for SEO and Data Analysis – Don’t read this unless you want to get into some serious statistics.  This SEOMoz article details some advanced ways to analyze your data using Excel.

19 Things We Can Learn From Numerous Heatmap Tests – A thorough post from Peep Laja at Conversion XL using eye tracking and heat maps to increase conversion.

Fanning the Flames of Big Data – Bryan Eisenberg lays out his argument for keeping the buzzword “Big Data” alive in his Clickz column.


Online Copywriting that Converts – 5 Lessons from 250 A/B Tests –  This post from Michael Aagard of Content Verve is filled with real-world examples of copywriting tweaks that increased conversions.

10 Ways to Build Authority as an Online Writer – Demian Farnworth lays out methods for building authority as a content creator — as only he can.

Findable Content Marketing: 3 Google Keyword Tool Tips – This is an introductory post from Patricia Redsicker on using the Google Keyword Research Tool to put some SEO firepower behind the content you are writing.

Why Cliffhangers Keep Readers in Your Raft – J. E.  Fishman teaches us how to keep readers engaged by destabilizing your story with a cliffhanger.

Your turn.  Add your 13th egg in the comments.



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Russ Henneberry

Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.


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  1. March 4, 2015 at 7:38 pm

    Hi Russ,
    This is a great dozen nice articles to keep anyone busy!

    • March 5, 2015 at 9:00 am

      Enjoy! You’ll find more roundups under the “Dozen Eggs” category.

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