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Download To Kindle: Your Customer Creation Equation [No Charge but Last Day]

by Russ Henneberry

One of Crazy Egg’s favorite conversion experts, Brian Massey – The Conversion Scientist™, has written an outstanding book called Your Customer Creation Equation.  

And apparently Brian has been blinded by the holiday spirit, because he is giving away the Kindle version at no charge until the end of the day today, December 19th.

If you don’t have a Kindle (or it is past the 19th), I highly recommend picking up the paperback version of this book.

Business owners and managers should read this book because…

in order to manage online marketing, you must first understand it.

Customer Creation EquationYou need an overall strategy.  You need to understand the vocabulary.  You need to put the right goals in place and the metrics to measure them.

The great thing about this book is Brian’s unique way of presenting online marketing and conversion science.

He uses wonderful analogies and metaphors throughout the book.  Brian’s brand of online marketing also uses a framework that just makes sense.  His framework lays out five conversion formulas:

  • The Brochure Website
  • The Publication Website
  • The Online Store
  • The Consultative Site
  • The Online Service
These formulas lay the groundwork for the rest of the book including setting up “tripwires”, charging your “marketing batteries” and finding the music among the noise in social media.

Online marketing practitioners should read this book because…

Brian Massey is a seasoned online marketer and a specialist in conversion optimization.  He’s in the trenches talking to customers, looking at data and putting his framework to the test every day.

If you have a background in SEO, social media, PPC or other discipline of online marketing, read this book to get a solid foundation in conversion optimization.

Brian’s use of metaphors, analogies and the framework he lays out makes great sense of what your clients find mysterious.  As Brian puts it,

“You are still the chefs, this book will help your customers order intelligently from the menu.”

If you’ve read this book, let us know what you thought of it in the comments and if you don’t have your copy, click on the link below.

Grab your Free Kindle Version of Your Customer Creation Equation here



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Russ Henneberry

Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.


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  1. Alice says:
    December 20, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    The email reminder was unfortunately sent PAST the offer deadline. However it’s still part of the Lending Library for Prime members.

  2. Jessica Shailes says:
    December 20, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Unfortunately doesn’t work for those outside of the US as far as I can see, shame because it looks very interesting.


  3. December 20, 2012 at 4:33 am

    This is a great book, and I would reccommend it to any marketer not just those in the online game.
    If your a fan, as I am, of conversion then this is up your street.
    I think Eugene Schwartz may be an influence here and I certainly recommend finding out more about the amazing copywriter.

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