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Today, content marketing is one of the smartest strategies available generating traffic and optimizing your website. But most marketers aren’t confident about their ability to get all the gears in the content marketing machine working smoothly.

Content Rules download That’s why we created this resource designed to take your content strategy to the next level. Here’s what you get…

  1. Content Rules Ebook: 75 Ways to Increase Conversions through High-Value Content
  2. 2 Editorial Calendars, ready for immediate use
  3. Bonus: Crazy Egg’s Content Map, a visualization of the six content marketing tasks that matter most.

(Total Value: $99)

It’s yours free — simply for joining Crazy Egg’s premium email list.

Here’s what you can expect as a premium subscriber:

  • One daily email alerting you to that day’s Crazy Egg article.
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You see, we’re stepping up our content production and here’s what we’re planning…

On a regular basis, we’ll put together ebooks, special reports, or resources designed to help you improve traffic and sell more.

As a premium subscriber, you’ll get early access or, in some cases, exclusive access to premium content that provides the hardboiled tips and strategies you need most.

Is it honestly valuable information? Our subscribers think so:

“I joined Daily Egg a couple of days ago, I must tell, sincerely I have gotten the best relevant free or paid content ever so far. Content without a “selling” undertone is hard to find online. Keep it up!” ~Eric Amaefule, Nigeria

“I found that offer compelling, so I signed up. The book you get (written by Kathryn Aragon) is awesome by the way.” ~Adam Connell, founder of Blogging Wizard

But you can’t know for yourself until you try it.

I know, I know. You probably already get too many emails. Yes, you end up deleting the majority of them without reading them. And yes, I’m asking you to add one more to the pile. But even if you only read one or two a week, you’ll get actionable, relevant information that takes your marketing to the next level. So give it a try today.

Not interested in a daily alert?

That’s okay. You can still enjoy weekly updates that keep you up to date on the conversion optimization, design and copywriting tips you’ve come to love. On occasion, you may also get an offer or special deal from one of our partners.

Fill out the form below for the subscription that’s right for you. But remember, the free gifts are only for premium subscribers. I invite you to give it a try.


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