5 Subtle Tricks That Inc. 500 Companies Use to Increase Conversion

5 Subtle Tricks That the Inc. 500 Use to Increase Conversion

The fastest-growing companies in the USA are hyper-successful for more than just the obvious reasons, such as that they provide good value. They also make subtle refinements to their websites. These companies, chosen and ranked by Inc. Magazine each year and known as the Inc. 500, use a variety of hardly noticed yet highly impactful […]

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The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads


The year 2015 is winding down, but Facebook marketing is still going strong. With 1.49 billion monthly active users, 40 million small business pages, and 2 million active advertisers, Facebook is a big influence in the world of social media marketing. No matter what type of business you have or what your goals are, Facebook […]

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How to Use the Word “Free” in Your Marketing Without Losing Credibility

The free word in marketing

Marketers use the word “free” so often that it has nearly lost its power. Free is a word that has enormous psychological appeal. But when it’s overused or used incorrectly, it can ruin your marketing efforts. Here’s how to use the word free for conversion power, marketing advantage, and increased revenue. And not look like […]

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5 Pieces of Terrible Marketing Advice You Shouldn’t Follow


Can you ever read “too much” marketing advice? Nowadays, there are a hundred different blogs on any given marketing topic, each with a hundred different articles. The advice and tips are never-ending.

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7 Psychological Triggers for Mind-Blowing Conversions, Sales and Growth


The world of online selling is drowning in data. From analytics dashboards to visualizations tools to A/B testing suites to automated marketing solutions, just keeping your head above the big-data waters can be overwhelming. Sadly, even with this flood of computer generated insights, 95.8% of the world’s internet still does “nothing” when they visit a […]

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6 Tips to Supercharge Your PPC Copy

six tips supercharge ppc copy

Writing copy for your PPC ads is anything but easy. You’ve limited space, restrictive word counts and Ad blocking to contend with. Not to mention all the competition you’ve got to differentiate yourself from. There are no easy wins in the marketing world. Whilst PPC is arguably one of the more beneficial approaches to marketing […]

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How To Tap Into The Reddit Community


Reddit has been around for a decade, and it has a cult following. Insiders think it’s the greatest thing since Star Wars. Outsiders, on the other hand don’t quite get it.

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10 Design Principles That Will Increase Your Email Newsletter Conversions


Seven years ago, Seth Godin introduced a groundbreaking, yet startlingly obvious concept called “permission marketing.” “Permission marketing is the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them.”

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How To Wring More Conversions From Your Ad Landing Pages

wring in conversions

I was walking through the mall the other day and I saw a sign-board outside a retail store advertising a 40% discount on select men’s outerwear. Sweet! I walked in, and, after some wandering around, finally found myself in the men’s section. Except, there were no signs for the discounts. I combed the entire outerwear […]

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