Can Negative Reviews Increase Conversions?

can negative reviews increase conversions?

It’s finally happened. After years of running a successful business you’ve finally got your first negative review. You know the effect customer reviews can have on your sales. Positive social proof helps drive sales and conversions whilst negative reviews and comments can immediately turn new prospects away from your business. So what do you do?

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16 Pricing Page Tips That Will Drive More Sales

16 pricing page tips

If you can improve your pricing page, you can make more sales. It’s that simple. In other places, I’ve explained some powerful tips that will make your pricing page absolutely irresistible. Here, I want to compile some of the industry’s best tips for optimizing your pricing page. Most of my experience with pricing pages is […]

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20 Copywriting Lessons from Stephen King

20 copywriting lessons from Stephen King

Shock! Horror!  That’s what Stephen King’s name calls to mind. But it’s not all he writes. In my opinion, Stephen King has written one of the best books around about writing. It’s about the development of his writing career and writing tips and it’s called On Writing. And I reckon, it’s not just good for […]

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How’s Your A/B Testing Going… Post-Mobilegeddon?

mobile a/b test post mobilegeddon

Before I get into this post, I want to reinforce something that’s common knowledge and expand on why it’s important in the context of everything I’m about to write. People act differently on mobile compared to how they act on a laptop or desktop computer. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would react to […]

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How to Use Interactive Elements to Boost Conversions

how to use interactive elements

Marketers have a really important job: Get people’s attention, keep people’s attention, and get those people to do something as a result of capturing their attention. It’s a tough job. One of the major methods of winning at this job is using interactive elements. Interactive elements can get users to pay attention and do something […]

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13 Reasons Your CRO is Failing

13 reasons why your CRO is failing

Scratching your head over low conversion rates? If you’re not getting the results you expect or need from your conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategies, you could be facing one of the problems on this list.

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What You Need to Know About Eye Movements and Your Website

eye movements and your website

Eye movements. Have you ever thought about this? It’s not exactly the most popular topic in Internet marketing. But it is extremely important. The most basic interaction that a user has with your website is looking at it. How a user looks at your website has a profound impact upon how effectively your site communicates […]

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Is Paid Social Media Amplification Worth it for Your Business?


If “content marketing” was the promotional trend of 2014, paid social amplification is all the rage in 2015. But, as with any practice-turned-buzzword, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions around what exactly “social amplification” is. Is it just a fancy way of saying “paid advertising on social media”, or something more? Let’s take […]

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12 Conversion Optimization Trends That Are Completely False

12 false CRO trends

Conversion optimizers are great people. But sometimes, they begin following misleading trends, spreading myths, and believing lies. Some popular study or a well-known blogger comes out with some “new advice” or “shocking result,” and suddenly, people are doing things that could be hurting their conversion rates, skewing their test results, or distracting their focus on […]

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