How To Create a Killer Email List From Thin Air

how to create a killer email list

You’ve probably heard people say, “the money is in the list.” What does this mean? In online marketing, an email list is the best form of communicating with your customers. Even though social media gets a lot of attention, the most valuable digital channel is email.

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12 Email Tips That Convince and Convert

12 email tips that convince

It’s startling, isn’t it? That there are writers out there who – with a single letter or email – are able to increase sales ten fold. They’ve such a mastery of language that one letter could bring in tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We all know email is the leading channel when […]

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How To Diagnose Ineffective Content (and Turn Your Performance Around)


Giuseppe Fratoni had a simple battle plan: he would put his business blog at center stage, create great content to position himself as an expert, and drive loads of traffic to his blog (ultimately generating more leads and more clients). Beginning with the well-known content marketing method of interviewing experts, he had visions of his […]

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When Are You Ready For A/B Testing?

when are you ready for ab testing?

So your website has been successfully launched, your traffic is increasing day over day, and you’re ready to A/B test some new content to improve your CRO… …or are you?

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Does “No” Mean “No” in Online Business?


In the world of dating and relationships, it is clear that the word “no” should indeed mean no. But in the world of business, things are more nuanced. While it’s important to respect when customers and prospects say no to an offer on a website, it’s also important to not stop there. Instead, use that […]

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62 Power Words That Will Help You Sell

62 words that will help you sell

Have you ever read a landing page, sales letter or even blog post which has unequivocally sold you on a product? The type of content you start reading knowing little to nothing about the product itself, yet by the time you’ve finished you don’t just want what’s being offered, you’re convinced you need it. In […]

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4 Hacks For Conducting Smart Landing Page Tests

smart hacks for landing page tests

With over 39,600,000 Google search results for the search term “landing page tests”, it’s easy to see how you could get overwhelmed when it comes to improving your conversion rates. And while there’s definitely no shortage of ideas, there’s unfortunately a surplus of regurgitated information that everyone claims to be an expert about. But for […]

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5 Ways to Expose Split Testing Ideas (That Are Likely to Succeed!)

split testing ideas that will succeed

If you want your split tests to contribute to your bottom line, you need to know how to produce effective split testing ideas. However, if you’re new to the game of split testing, you might not know how to develop such ideas. For instance, you may not know what website elements you should even be […]

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How to Convert Bouncing Traffic with Exit-Intent Popups


Website popups, or site overlays, are a highly contested subject, although it shouldn’t be. With the average website seeing 98% of its traffic bounce, there aren’t many reasons not to use an exit-intent popup. Or you can think of it this way: What ratio of that 98% plan on visiting your site a second time? […]

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