6 Strategies for Designing Ecommerce Websites That Convert Visitors into Customers

ecommerce designs that convert

It is not just the product that sells online. Sure, an online purchase is motivated by a desire to buy a certain product or service. However, that desire, as those in the brick-and-mortar business found out long ago, is the result of a complex, multi-layered process that influences consumer behavior. That process is quite similar […]

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No One Wants Your Ebook. Here Are 4 Better Ways To Grow Your Marketing List

no one wants your ebook

Do you know the term ‘banner blindness’? That phenomenon where we consciously or subconsciously ignore banners and ads on websites. Apparently 86% of consumers suffer from it. Well, I think I’m starting to suffer from book blindness too. Every blog I read now has an opt-in or CTA to download their ebook. Unless something comes […]

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3 Psychographic Gems You MUST Find Out About Your Customers

3 psychographic gems you must find out about customers

Marketing is all about knowing your customers and the best way to respond to them. That’s why marketers love data. I’ve spent much of my career working on software that helps marketers understand what their customers are doing, and how to best respond. All this data is great, and we need to know it. But […]

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The Changing Face Of Using Live Chat For Conversion

changing face of live chat

Live chat software isn’t anything new in the online world, but it’s still something that can be extremely valuable to customers and (as you’re about to find out…) for conversion. Making a phone call disrupts workflow—and often involves sitting on hold—and email response times can be slow, whereas live chat is fast and more personal. But […]

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A 45 Point Checklist for Optimizing Conversions

45 point CRO checklist

There’s a lot to keep track of when optimizing conversions – and you need to cover everything if you want to improve your chances of success. That’s the reason for this checklist. It covers everything from your headline to the call to action, and recommends some useful tools too.

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3 Critical Sources Of Qualitative Feedback You’ve Been Ignoring

qualitative feedback

Conversion rate optimization isn’t just about continuously running A/B tests. There’s a science to it. You collect data, make hypotheses, and then test them. A/B testing is just one part, but it all begins with the data you collect. The more data you collect, the more informed your hypotheses will be. In fact, trying to […]

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How to Have an Effective Conversion Optimization Strategy Without Wasting Time or Money

how to have an effective CRO strategy without wasting time or money

Conversion optimization can be time-consuming and expensive. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on conversion rate optimization. I’m also constantly running tests on my websites. In my experience, conversion optimization has a huge ROI. I’m willing to spend time and money. But what if you don’t have time or money?

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Infographic: How to Promote Your Blog and Make it Viral


It’s common to focus all your energy on writing a blog post, and then completely forget to promote it. Write it and let Google do the rest – right? The great P.T. Barnum once said: Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing! That’s right. Absolutely nothing. Today’s infographic goes through the step-by-step process on how to […]

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Why That Giveaway Is A Terrible Marketing Idea

why that giveaway is a bad idea

Just about every marketer has been there. “Our numbers are looking a little low this month. We need to do something to boost sales.” *Lightbulb* “Let’s run a giveaway!” “That’s perfect. The new iPhone just came out, so we can give one of those away.” I’ve been in this situation myself, which is why I feel that […]

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