The In-Depth Guide to Content Promotion


Content marketing is an excellent tool for building authority, gaining influence, enhancing visibility, getting attention and, eventually, winning sales. But creating the right content is only half the battle. If you don’t promote your content so that people have the chance to see it then there’s no point in creating content at all. That’s why […]

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Cold Emails Are Killing Deliverability. Earn Permission Instead!

cold emails

Cold emails are a necessary evil to many B2B technology businesses. You don’t particularly want to send them – you don’t really want any cold anything – but you have to reach out to new prospects, and unsolicited emails let you get a foot in the door. Except they don’t. While you’re using cold emails […]

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How To Convince Your Leads To Convert In 8 Smart Steps


Cold leads are prospective customers you haven’t contacted before and are really difficult to convert into buyers. It is a known fact that acquiring new customers is a daunting task, but it doesn’t mean the business needs to stop pursuing these leads after a few rejection. Even though we are strictly against spamming, a little […]

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A Guide To Creating Buyer Personas That Will Improve Your Content Conversion Rates

a guide to creating personas

Amy is 35 years old. She’s just been promoted to Marketing Manager at the SaaS company she works for. She learned the ropes as a marketing assistant for the last few years – but the owners of the company expect a lot from her in her new role. Her first order of business: improving the […]

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How to Conversion Rate Optimize Your Management Style

how to CRO your management

Why is it that every time a company needs to increase conversions, they immediately start tampering with the product, website, or marketing strategy? We see this the most with SaaS startups. Investors aren’t happy with revenue one month, so everyone stops what they’re doing so they can “optimize the customer journey for increased sales.”

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How To Make Your Audience Fall In Love With You Through Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is raw power. It has a higher ROI than any other digital channel, and its power is only increasing as mobile users rely on their mobile devices to access their email.

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7 Reasons Why Social Media Should be the Workhorse of Your Marketing Strategy

social media workhorse

Social media isn’t going anywhere. A whopping 65% of Americans use social media sites, according to Pew Research Center, and usage spans all age groups. Globally, at the start of 2015, there were more than 2 billion active social media accounts, and 1.6 billion mobile social accounts. So it’s a key part of any company’s […]

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6 Powerful Ways To Get More People Into Your SaaS Drip Campaigns

6 powerful ways to get people into SaaS drip campaigns

How are you getting your users? Are you trying to squeeze as many people as possible into your free trial? And then hoping they will stick around and become paid users? In many cases, that’s what SaaS companies do. And more often than not, it’s a mistake.

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The Cosmo Kramer Guide To Writing Attention-Grabbing Copy


There’s a scene in Seinfeld where Kramer dabbles in copywriting. Do you remember it? Jerry’s trying to sell a used van he was guilted into buying from “Fragile Frankie.” So Kramer, being the thoughtful guy he is, offers to write the classified ad for him.

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