7 Skills a Print Designer Needs To Become A Good Web Designer


The demand for web designers has surged. Whether you are a print designer looking to get into web design or someone looking to ensure that the designer you hire has web design skills, this article is for you. Many that trained in traditional print design are trying to make the transition over to the web […]

The 4-Point Minimalist Guide to Web Design


A typical webpage has images sliders, videos, social media widgets, blog summaries and advertisements vying for our attention. But more is not always better.  Sometimes, more is just more. Why is excessive choice a bad idea? Having too many choices can lead to analysis paralysis.  Analysis paralysis isn’t just a clever word pairing.  It is […]

How To Design A Twitter Background That Gets More Traffic, Followers and Engagement


When it comes to Twitter, one of the most powerful conversion points for your profile beyond your bio, website links, and tweets is the profile background itself. Twitter gives you the option to have a customized background with any information you want on it – so why not use it! The following are great examples […]

How To Design a 404 Page That Keeps Visitors On Your Site


You shouldn’t understate its utility.  The 404 page is perhaps the most neglected web design element. When your website visitors land on your 404 Page Not Found page, it can be everything from a major inconvenience to a pleasant surprise. While this page has the sole function of telling the user where to go next, […]

What’s Your Type? The 5-Step Guide to Finding the Right Font


The way you say some thing is just as important as what you say. It is therefore unfortunate that even today a number of designers continue to paint every ‘elegant’ message with Monotype Corsiva and every ‘fun’ announcement with Comic Sans. Typography, the art and science of typefaces, is one of the most important aspects […]

15 Twitter Hashtags for #WebDesign & How To Use Them


If you are a Twitter hashtag veteran, bear with me for a moment.  We will get to some advanced stuff shortly. For those that are new to Twitter hashtags, let’s start with the basics. What are Twitter Hashtags? Hashtags are a way of organizing Twitter.  Twitter users are able to sort tweets that contain a […]

GOP 2012 – How The Primary Candidates’ Websites Stack Up


Engaging voters online is an increasingly important part of the electoral process. The 2008 Presidential campaign saw Barack Obama and the Democratic Party rightly complimented for their effective use of web technology and social media. As the Republican presidential primary campaign continues, has the GOP learned some of those lessons? How are the four remaining […]

What Amazon Can Teach Us About Mobile Website Design


The name Amazon.com has become synonymous with eCommerce. If you are reading this blog, there is no doubt that you have ordered something from Amazon.com from the comforts of your desktop or laptop computer. Today, it is only slightly less likely that you have ordered something from Amazon from your phone. I’m no exception.  Yesterday, […]

How to Transfer A Blog From Blogger To WordPress.org

Transfer Blog From Blogger to Wordpress.org

For a lot of bloggers, self hosting with WordPress.org provides the most professional blogging platform available. If you started out using Blogger and now need a professional presence, there’s a good chance that you’re ready to switch to WordPress.org. But the point of this article isn’t to convince you to switch. If you’re trying to […]

Learn From These 5 Beautiful & Interactive Email Template Designs


The right email template can make or break a promotion. And, while image-based e-commerce emails got 50% more clicks than their plain-text counterparts, it’s worth noting that less than half of all emails show properly across all types of devices – including mobile phones.  Today, there’s even more of a push to include rich media […]

8 Typography Design Elements To Consider for Print & Web Design


Typography is a fundamental principle of good design. Whether you’re designing for print or the web, good typography helps balance the visual structure of your design between the content and the visuals. Apply these eight elements of typography to make sure your viewer can navigate through your content the way you’ve intended. 1. Color Contrast […]

10 WordPress Designs That Surprise, Delight and Think Outside Of The “Box”


It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have developed on WordPress for any length of time you have heard this from your clients: “All WordPress sites look like templates.  They are all ‘boxy.’ They all look the same.” It’s true.  Both you and I can usually tell a WordPress site just by looking […]

How To Design a Non-Profit Website That Engages Donors and Volunteers


It’s one thing to design a beautiful non-profit website.  It’s another thing to design a non-profit website that engages donors and volunteers. Non-profit websites should consider the same usability issues as their for-profit cousins and then some. The goals of the non-profit website differ compared to a corporate site and the site design should reflect […]

How Would You Improve This Minty Fresh Website Design?


Mint Themes is a uniquely branded WordPress theme development company from Toronto, Canada. They specialize in building WordPress themes for churches, bands and businesses. There is no mistaking the intentional use of words like fresh, clean and minty on the website.  The branding is present in every aspect of the site. We asked our Crazy […]

11 Reasons Adobe Fireworks Is The Best Design Software You Never Use


Here is a snapshot of a fully functional web page, a detailed infographic and a print-ready data sheet. Any guesses on what they all have in common? All three of these pieces were created using just one piece of software: Adobe Fireworks. Now some of you might already be familiar with Fireworks, others will know […]

How To Stop Designing Websites And Start Designing Brand Experiences


Now more than ever, as designers we have to treat the websites we design as an extension of brand. A seamless brand extends from the storefront to the front page of the website.  From television ad to banner ad.  From product to packaging. The well-crafted brand, no matter where it is encountered, evokes the same […]

13 Design and Marketing Experts Critique Media Temple’s Home Page

Home Page Design Critique

Media Temple is without question one of the leaders in the website hosting industry. They have a reputation for providing a bulletproof hosting service with outstanding customer service. Being in the web hosting business we would expect Media Temple to have a stellar home page.  We asked our Crazy Egg design and marketing experts to […]

10 WordPress Plugins & Other Enhancements That Will Make Your Business More Social


One of the great things about using WordPress as your blogging platform or website content management system is the ability to enhance the functionality of the base system with widgets, plugins, add-ons, buttons, and other tools. These can help you do just about anything, including make your blog and your website more socially engaging. The […]

10 Ridiculously Good Looking WordPress Themes


Have you ever seen Zoolander with Ben Stiller? There’s a part where he says, “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” The good news is that there definitely is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Font


You know the importance of live text in creating semantic markup that is browser compatible and improves search engine rankings. The problem is that we want our designs to be enhanced by typography, so relying on web safe fonts doesn’t always cut it. From large headlines to smaller body copy, typography has the ability to […]

5 Sidebar Design Elements That Increase Website Conversion


If you’ve done enough A/B split tests to determine that your site converts best with a sidebar, you’ll want to know how to maximize that space for more conversions.  The good news is that, when done right, a sidebar can be an attractive addition that compels visitors to act.  Here are five conversion elements that […]

3 Elements to Consider When Designing A Website Header Image


Crafting the perfect website header is critical. It’s the first place your website visitor will likely look to determine if your website can meet their needs. With this in mind, the design of the header should be appealing while allowing the user to navigate through the site seamlessly. Skipping the step of making a professional […]

3 Time-Tested Ways To Pick The Perfect Website Color Combination


Color communicates with the viewer on an emotional level. Without them being aware, the colors you choose for your web design stir up different moods with the user.  Color is the most immediate way of creating a good first impression. The challenge is to combine color while giving the website a unified and polished look. […]

The Real Loser: When Designers and Copywriters Duke It Out

Copywriters and Designers

Are you ready to pick a side? The battle starts in 3. 2. 1… Meet the DESIGNER:  He talks with visuals, loves clean lines, doesn’t have a lot of use for words and believes that text is, by definition, tedious and unattractive. Now say ‘Hi’ to the COPYWRITER:  He believes in the power of words, […]

The Deceptive Danger Hiding In Your A/B Testing Data


It’s a dangerous game to play.  Blind trust in A/B data. Sure, data is seductive.  After all, numbers don’t lie. Using A/B testing data to make decisions about your marketing is smart, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. When numbers are the only criteria used to drive our decision making, the tactics […]

The 5-Step Beginners Guide To Choosing A Premium WordPress Theme


Build it or buy it? It’s a decision we make every day.  More and more people are choosing to buy when they set out to build a new WordPress website. And who could blame them?  Custom WordPress themes can be costly and a premium WordPress theme can look stunning right out of the box.   And […]

The Good Husband’s Guide To Website Navigation


A journalist friend of mine claims that the best writing he reads each week is the grocery list his wife, Franny, gives to him. The list is organized perfectly, he says. Fruits and vegetables first, followed by bread, then meat, canned goods, cereal, soft drinks, snacks, dairy, and finally frozen food. The list is a […]

6 Elements Of A Trustworthy E-Commerce Web Design


Should I trust you? That’s what e-commerce shoppers are asking as they creep closer and closer to making a purchase. You can’t blame them.  They are about to put their credit card information into your website in the hopes that you will deliver the goods. There are no hard rules about designing for e-Commerce, but […]

Does Good Web Design Really Matter?


I recently had a conversation with a client that went like this: Client: Does it really matter what my website looks like? Me: Yes, it definitely does. Client: Why? Me: Because people will judge your company based on the quality of your website, whether that’s fair or not. That ended up being a good enough […]

5 Tips For Designing Slippery Web Forms


Web forms are a basic building block of the web. They allow website visitors to input information, often during the sales or lead generation process. Some forms are barriers.  Others are a slippery slide that propels a site visitor effortlessly through the process. The difference lies in the usability of your form design. Here are […]

What Elements Should You Eliminate When Building a Mobile Website?


It’s a difficult choice to make. Which elements should be eliminated from the mobile version of a website? But there are certainly some best practices. We asked our Crazy Egg Website Design experts what thy consider cutting when going mobile. ♦♦♦ This depends on the type of site. If a blog, I’ll happily hide navigation […]

6 Factors Everyone Should Know About Designing Call To Action Buttons

Designing Call To Action Buttons

This is where the rubber meets the road. How well do your call-to-action buttons convert website traffic into something that benefits your business? Web and UX designers know the importance effective call-to-action buttons, but the following six factors should be understood by anyone involved in generating business from your website. What Are Call-to-Action Buttons? Call-to-action […]

What Is The Future of Flash in Web Design?


Flash has always had its place at the table. But is there any future for Flash in web design? We asked our Crazy Egg Web Design Experts what they think about the future of Flash in designing websites. ♦♦♦ I avoid using Flash in designs. I can’t remember the last time that Flash was the […]

How To Grab Attention With Your Website Home Page Introduction

Optimize Home Page Introduction

The window to grab a visitors attention on your website gets a little smaller each day. If you don’t grab them by the throat with your home page introduction, chances are they are lost to cyberspace.  Courtesy of the back button. This “back button” decision is made in milliseconds. But your home page introduction can […]

How To Choose The Right CMS For A Web Design Project


Platform is critical. If you choose the wrong Content Management System (CMS) for a web design project, you could add hours of development time to the project.  And that might be the best possible outcome.  This kind of mistake could kill a web design project, causing stakeholders on both sides a lot of grief. We […]

Which Browser Compatibility Tools Do The Pros Use To Test Websites?


It’s getting crazy out there. Testing how a website appears in the multitude of browsers available at the different screen sizes available can be difficult to do without a good tool. We asked our Crazy Egg Web Design experts which tools they use to test their web designs. If you have a good tool that […]

How to Use Accent Colors to Get More Action on Your Website

Accent Colors Increase Conversion

So what exactly is an accent color? An accent color is a contrasting color used to draw attention to key pieces of a web page. It’s a way of using color to ensure the most important links, buttons, or sections on a website don’t get overlooked. Most importantly, accent colors are used to draw attention […]

5 Key Responsive Web Design Elements


We live in exciting times. Over the last few years we have focused on building mobile websites that are text-heavy versions of the main site. While these sites are faster for users on a mobile device, they often remove the design characteristics that make the site uniquely branded for the company and remove necessary call-to-actions […]

White-Space at Work: Why Less is More in Your Website Design


You may not realize it, but blank space can be a website’s best friend. Like a fresh spring breeze, good use of white-space creates a look that’s comforting, enjoyable and easy to immerse yourself in.  Unlike direct mail, where every open space has to seemingly be filled for maximum impact, websites with white-space seem more […]

An Introduction To A/B Conversion Testing On a Shoestring Budget


In a perfect world, we would always test websites with people from our target audiences. In this world, we would also be able to make this an iterative process: design, test, refine, test again, repeat. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the budgets for this type of testing and we are forced to make assumptions about […]

How 7 Web Design Professionals Keep Projects Within Scope

Keep Web Design Projects Within Scope

My wife does it to me all the time. We set out to paint the living room.  While we’re at it, we might as well paint the hallway right? Heck, if we’re going to do the hallway, we might as well repaint the bathroom too.  If we are going to get all the painting stuff […]

Answered: Are Successful Web Designers Specialists or Well-Rounded?

Web Design Specialist or Well Rounded

You have an eye for design. But you have a critical decision to make. Should you take a deep dive into a single aspect of web design or be a jack-of-all-trades? We asked the Crazy Egg Design Experts the path they would advise designers to take to achieve web design success. ♦♦♦ To be successful, […]

14 Examples of The Persuasive Power of Color in Web Design

Color As A Persuasion Tool

To see the impact color has on the overall user experience of a website, one need only strip away a hue to see how the visual flow is affected. While color creates the mood and feel of the site by directing user attention to certain elements, there are many ways to approach the use of color. Hue, […]