How To Design Mental Models That Create a Superior User Experience


“Much of this article is adapted or excerpted from the book Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with User Behavior by Indi Young (Rosenfeld Media, 2008).” Designing something right requires that you completely understand what a person wants to get done. You need to understand how a person uses something if you’re going to get the […]

Can A “Mobile First” Responsive Web Design Boost Your Sales?


Your website analytics will prove it.  The world has gone mobile. And smart marketers and web designers are going responsive. Responsive design is a new trend in web design that uses a fluid and flexible layout. Websites are developed in HTML and through CSS3 media queries you can adapt your entire website for particular devices […]

How To Use Customer Data and Website Analytics To Create a Stellar User Experience


Do you know who your customers are, where they live, their age group or spending patterns? Do you know which of them are the most profitable, or the most active on your website – and do you know why? If you haven’t answered yes to all of these questions, read on – because understanding this […]

What The Heck Is User Experience And Why Do You Need It?


Are you wondering what all the User Experience fuss is about? User Experience (UX) is somewhat of an elusive notion with many different definitions, even amongst the UX community themselves. There is user experience involved in all product and service design however my focus here is purely on digital user experience (e.g. websites, intranets, applications, […]

6 Ways To Optimize Your eCommerce Checkout


Unfortunately, most eCommerce websites don’t do checkout very well. I believe this is mainly because the website owners business objectives have been put before the needs and wants of the customer. There are many things one can do to ensure we focus on the customers needs and change our checkout process accordingly, so I’ve listed […]

How The Role Of The Graphic Designer Must Change On The New Web


Design aesthetics are important but when they compromise usability, it’s customers and ultimately your bottom line that will suffer. For those who have been working with the web since the nineties, you’ll remember that in its infancy, building ‘web pages’ was to many a dark art, and afforded those versed in the practice some respect… […]

Everything I Needed To Know About User Experience I Learned In A Restaurant


User Experience design is full of talented professionals from every corner of the digital age. Some are behavioral psychologists, some are graphic designers and some are developers… the list goes on and on. Me? I learned everything I need to know about User Experience from working in a restaurant. The web business, just like a […]

How To Use Analytics To Make Smart Decisions About A Web Redesign


There have never been as many different devices capable of using the Internet as there are today. Tomorrow there will be more. Forward thinking web site owners and developers are racing to provide an experience that caters for phones and tablets and their high-resolution ‘retina’ variants. Meanwhile screen sizes and technologies are just as likely […]

Six Rule-Breaking Websites That Defy The Design Grid


Having a solid grid system is foundational to good design – web or otherwise. The grid was first widely recognized in the 1950s when the International Typographic Style, or Swiss Style, was adopted by many designers. “The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer […]

20 Amped Up Musician Websites That Keep Fans Engaged


Many musicians put their soul into their music, and it’s only appropriate that this energy be carried over to their website. While this is an artists chance to put their best foot forward and get viewers interested in their music, they should tread lightly when it comes to flash-based websites, splash pages, and music that […]

3 Ways Color Gives Meaning To Design


Color is one of the most important design elements, if not the most important. Research from the Institute for Color Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about an environment or product within 90 seconds of initial viewing, and between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Whether intentional or not, […]

9 Web Design And Marketing Lessons Daddy Learned At The Grocery Store


Yep, I’m that guy. The daddy that has a 2 year-old strapped into a grocery shopping cart that looks like a car.  And god bless those goofy, oversized shopping carts.  They keep my kids entertained for 10 minutes of my 40 minute sprint through the grocery store every weekend. I want zero friction in my […]

The 4-Point Minimalist Guide to Web Design


A typical webpage has images sliders, videos, social media widgets, blog summaries and advertisements vying for our attention. But more is not always better.  Sometimes, more is just more. Why is excessive choice a bad idea? Having too many choices can lead to analysis paralysis.  Analysis paralysis isn’t just a clever word pairing.  It is […]

How To Design a 404 Page That Keeps Visitors On Your Site


You shouldn’t understate its utility.  The 404 page is perhaps the most neglected web design element. When your website visitors land on your 404 Page Not Found page, it can be everything from a major inconvenience to a pleasant surprise. While this page has the sole function of telling the user where to go next, […]

What Amazon Can Teach Us About Mobile Website Design


The name has become synonymous with eCommerce. If you are reading this blog, there is no doubt that you have ordered something from from the comforts of your desktop or laptop computer. Today, it is only slightly less likely that you have ordered something from Amazon from your phone. I’m no exception.  Yesterday, […]

How Would You Improve This Minty Fresh Website Design?


Mint Themes is a uniquely branded WordPress theme development company from Toronto, Canada. They specialize in building WordPress themes for churches, bands and businesses. There is no mistaking the intentional use of words like fresh, clean and minty on the website.  The branding is present in every aspect of the site. We asked our Crazy […]

How To Stop Designing Websites And Start Designing Brand Experiences


Now more than ever, as designers we have to treat the websites we design as an extension of brand. A seamless brand extends from the storefront to the front page of the website.  From television ad to banner ad.  From product to packaging. The well-crafted brand, no matter where it is encountered, evokes the same […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Font


You know the importance of live text in creating semantic markup that is browser compatible and improves search engine rankings. The problem is that we want our designs to be enhanced by typography, so relying on web safe fonts doesn’t always cut it. From large headlines to smaller body copy, typography has the ability to […]

3 Elements to Consider When Designing A Website Header Image


Crafting the perfect website header is critical. It’s the first place your website visitor will likely look to determine if your website can meet their needs. With this in mind, the design of the header should be appealing while allowing the user to navigate through the site seamlessly. Skipping the step of making a professional […]

The Good Husband’s Guide To Website Navigation


A journalist friend of mine claims that the best writing he reads each week is the grocery list his wife, Franny, gives to him. The list is organized perfectly, he says. Fruits and vegetables first, followed by bread, then meat, canned goods, cereal, soft drinks, snacks, dairy, and finally frozen food. The list is a […]

5 Tips For Designing Slippery Web Forms


Web forms are a basic building block of the web. They allow website visitors to input information, often during the sales or lead generation process. Some forms are barriers.  Others are a slippery slide that propels a site visitor effortlessly through the process. The difference lies in the usability of your form design. Here are […]

An Introduction To A/B Conversion Testing On a Shoestring Budget


In a perfect world, we would always test websites with people from our target audiences. In this world, we would also be able to make this an iterative process: design, test, refine, test again, repeat. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the budgets for this type of testing and we are forced to make assumptions about […]