10 Examples and 3 Tools: How to Win with New Rules for Facebook Timeline Covers


Remember all of the rules and restrictions that came along with the new Facebook Timeline covers? You couldn’t include anything in your Timeline cover photo related to pricing, contact information, calls to action, or even encourage people to like your page. Scrap that. Now, the guidelines for your cover photos state that it must be […]

21 Resources to Help You Rock SlideShare for Marketing


Move over PowerPoint – your day is done! It’s time to make way for SlideShare, the online presentation tool acquired by LinkedIn last year. While many content marketers have been focusing on Twitter and Facebook, using infographics or making flashy presentations with a variety of online tools, there’s one online resource that has quietly gained […]

How To Increase Online Sales Through Facebook Gifts


Facebook Gifts is a relatively new feature that allows businesses to offer up their products as gifts which can be purchased by Facebook users for their friends. This can be a great way to increase both your business’s exposure and sales through Facebook. In this post, we’re going to look at why you should try […]

5 Ways To Pay For Twitter Exposure


When it comes to social advertising, most of what you hear about is Facebook. Then a little about LinkedIn. But not much about Twitter. If you want to boost the visibility for your tweets, here are five ways to make it happen plus the pros and cons of each. As a disclaimer, note that you […]

3 Dashboard Tools That Measure Social Media Engagement


Everyone wants to engage with users on social media, but with 350 million updates on Twitter alone how can anyone keep track of what’s happening? Instead of being flooded by social media data, you need to surf the wave. That’s where engagement dashboards come in. Here are three tools worth considering: Commun.it If you’re mainly […]

Top 7 Social Media Fails of 2012 (And What You Can Learn From Them)


Social media marketing is full of opportunity and danger. As you will see, things can get out of control in a hurry as big brands lose their tight-fisted grip over their communications to employees, outsourced firms and customers. Here are some of the most memorable campaigns that left their respective companies picking up the PR pieces. […]

Is The Quest For ROI Killing Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketers:  we have a problem. Business owners don’t know what to believe about social media marketing.  And, as the saying goes, a confused mind always says no. Some of the data points from IBM’s Black Friday report are stunning. Shoppers referred from social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounting for […]

3 Must-Try Rockstar Video Marketing Ideas


Thinking of launching a video marketing strategy? Not sure where to start?  Here’s three inexpensive ideas for video marketing for your inspiration. These video marketing ideas are (1) conversion-driven, (2) awesome for customer engagement, (3) exceptionally creative, and (4) approaches that you can replicate with even a small business budget. 1. Wrappled: Solve a Customer […]

Does Traffic From Twitter or Facebook Generate More Email Subscribers?


Here at The Daily Egg, we like to use data to drive our decision making. Here’s the question: Should I be committing more time to Twitter or Facebook? For this blog, there are two main goals: Increase sign ups for the Crazy Egg software free trial Increase email subscribers Today, we are going to look […]