Curation for Inspiration: Tips for Marketers

content curation

Content curation was one of the big buzzwords of 2012. Halfway through 2013, people are still talking about it. But what exactly is content curation and how can it help you as a marketer?

10 Easy Ways to Get More Retweets

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Twitter offers a great way to extend your influence online: the retweet. When used wisely, retweets often lead to more influence, more followers, and more web traffics. According to Statistic Brain, there are over 550 million active Twitter users as of April 2013, 58 million new tweets daily, and 135,000 new Twitter users every day. […]

On Image Overload? Try These 4 Easy Steps to Create Social Media Graphics


We all know the favorite social media networks can be a time suck if we aren’t careful, but add to it the creation of unique content and custom images and even the best social media manager might end up with a spinning head. There’s a time and place for games and chats with friends, but […]

IFTTT: Your Recipe for a Simpler Marketing Task List


IFTTT is more than just a strange collection of letters; it’s a powerful tool for marketers. The acronym stands for If This, Then That —  and it’s a site that provides a way to automate a range of online functions. Automation sometimes gets a bad rap, but it can be a good thing, especially if […]

Customer Engagement Tactics That Go Beyond Tweets & Shares

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Looking for a quick solution to customer engagement? Maybe you’ve bought into content marketing and social media for just that reason. But it’s important to realize that simply posting articles and tweets isn’t enough. Content marketing needs more than great writing to yield results.  As much as you focus on blogging, producing videos, and publishing […]

Don’t Like Klout? 12 Other Ways to Track Social Media Influence and Engagement


Social influence measurement site Klout has attracted a lot of attention. The site tracks social media influence across a range of sites and has generated love, hate and even parody!

Facebook Marketing: From 2,500 to 1 Million Fans in Just Two Years


When you think about appliance businesses, you usually imagine a brick-and-mortar showroom, with rows of bright shining refrigerators, washers and dryers. But that’s not always the case. More and more businesses exist virtually, in the cloud. And while you’d expect these businesses to sell digital solutions, there’s one company that has made its mark selling […]

How to Win Customers and Influence your Followers [Infographic]


We’ve all heard the mantra, put your marketing message where your prospects will see it. But do we take the time to understand our prospects? Or do we make a lot of off-base assumptions? According to Technorati’s 2013 Digital Influence Report, we may be missing the mark. Take a look at this infographic, revewing the findings […]

Everything You Need to Know to Promote Your Business with Facebook Offers


You’ve likely seen Facebook Offers pop up in your news feed from major businesses offering various discounts and coupons for their products. What you may not have realized is that Facebook Offers aren’t just available to major brands — you can use them whether you’re selling a product or not. Interested? Here is everything you […]