5 Ways to Make a Splash with Social Customer Service


Brands use their social media platforms for many things: launching new products sharing interesting content generating buzz with compelling infographics And some of them even use it for customer service. In fact, 2013, over 62% of brands are responding to social questions. But is that a good way to go? Should brands use Twitter or Facebook […]

Converting With Facebook Ads: “The Promoted Post Retargeting Loop” Strategy

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Have you sensed it too? Over the last year, the power and effectiveness of Facebook marketing has been shifting… in a positive way. More and more, marketers I know have been mentioning the amazing results (in hard dollars, not Likes) they’ve been getting from their Facebook advertising efforts. And most of these marketers had one […]

7 Signs That You Have Social Intelligence

social intelligence

Do you have social intelligence and are you using it in your business and marketing? If intelligence is the ability to gather, use and share knowledge and skills and business intelligence is the ability to gather, analyze and share data to improve business decision making, then social intelligence is the ability to gather, analyze and […]

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost E-Commerce Traffic & Sales

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Online marketing is a complex and ever-changing world. As new media platforms emerge and technology advances, people interact with the web in new and diverse ways. And while this can make it a challenge to run an online e-commerce business, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many ways to improve upon your strategies […]

Profitable Pinning: How to Harness the Power of Pinterest in Your eCommerce Business

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Pinterest has gained popularity and traction in the online world over the past few years—and with over 70 million registered users, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Though in the past Pinterst has been viewed as another “Mommy” site—with the majority of users being women, and moms 61 percent more likely […]

Need Exposure? 4 Simple Ways to Get More Social Influence


When you own any kind of business, your success depends on increasing your social influence or gaining exposure. It’s a no-brainer, really… With more exposure, more people see what you have to offer. That equals more potential customers… And more sales. Now, there are a lot of techniques for increasing your social influence, but I’d […]

Influence Marketing: It’s a Tribal Thing

tribe of elephants

Watch Discovery Channel much? There are always these programs where a cheetah (or another predator) stalks a lone baby elephant or gazelle at the back of the larger group. But if that herd turns around and works together, you’d better believe the cheetah will be running in the other direction. What does this have to […]

Twtrland: A Social Intelligence Tool that Gives Business Insights Too

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Looking for a good way to understand what’s going on in your Twitter world? You’re not the only one. Israeli entrepreneur Guy Avigdor needed this functionality so much that he invented Twtrland to help him. “Twtrland came from a personal need for me to understand people on Twitter,” says Avigdor, “but then it evolved into […]