7 Reasons Why Social Media Should be the Workhorse of Your Marketing Strategy

social media workhorse

Social media isn’t going anywhere. A whopping 65% of Americans use social media sites, according to Pew Research Center, and usage spans all age groups. Globally, at the start of 2015, there were more than 2 billion active social media accounts, and 1.6 billion mobile social accounts. So it’s a key part of any company’s […]

How To Tap Into The Reddit Community


Reddit has been around for a decade, and it has a cult following. Insiders think it’s the greatest thing since Star Wars. Outsiders, on the other hand don’t quite get it.

How to Understand Your Social Audience for Better Conversions

understanding your social audience for conversion

Social media matters for leads, sales and conversions. The link may not always be obvious, but it’s there. The latest statistics from Pew Research Center show that 74% of online adults use social media, and in the 18-29 age group, this number rises to 90%. Social media is also hugely important in ecommerce, as a […]

Facebook’s Secret Feature That Can Turbo-Charge Your Content Shares

Facebook Content Loads Instantly Now

This spring, without much fanfare or celebration, Facebook launched a new feature directed at content publishers. This new feature would allow certain mobile users to quickly read and interact with content and rich media in mere seconds, leveraging the same technology it currently uses to display auto-play videos and similar features. But now there are […]

4 Things Twitter Wishes You Would Do on Twitter

four things twitter wishes you would do on twitter

Social media gurus are quick to tell you what you should be doing on Twitter. But what does Twitter say about all this advice? If you want to improve your success with Twitter, it helps to pay attention to what the platform itself is identifying and recommending. Recently, Twitter and research firm DB5 conducted a […]

Is Paid Social Media Amplification Worth it for Your Business?


If “content marketing” was the promotional trend of 2014, paid social amplification is all the rage in 2015. But, as with any practice-turned-buzzword, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions around what exactly “social amplification” is. Is it just a fancy way of saying “paid advertising on social media”, or something more? Let’s take […]

“See First” Marketing: How to Earn Facebook’s New Blue Star (& Why You Need To)

facebook blue star

The organic reach pool on Facebook is steadily drying up as the company shifts its focus to creating a tighter-knit community rather than a brand podium. Now, more than ever, marketers need to step up their game to shift away from product-based messaging and toward consumer-centric engagement.

How to Get More from Social Media with SumAll Insights

sumall tweet times

There’s nothing more annoying than feeling that your social media marketing is missing the mark. You KNOW you should be getting better ROI and conversions, but you just can’t figure out what’s missing.

What To Do When Your Audience Is On The WRONG Platform

man screaming at computer

You’ve been hearing a lot about email lists. That’s because we marketers love conversions, and email lists are the highest converting platform available. Email users convert at a higher rate than social followers or organic search users, for a number of both obvious and more complex reasons. But perhaps, you’re sitting there with a 50k-user […]

How to Design a Social Content Strategy Like a CRO

pixar rules of storytelling - feature

Most of us have learned by now that content is the currency of the modern Web. It’s used to earn trust, attention, engagement, and actions from users all around the world by brands and businesses of all sizes. And it often primes your visitors to respond positively to your the conversion optimization tactics you’ve employed on […]

5+ Ways to Improve Social Media Conversions

Feed the hungry content marketing beast

Social media is a great place to have conversations, but how do you turn those conversations into conversions so you meet your marketing and financial goals? Here are 5+ areas you need to address to get the most from the time you invest in social media. 1. Set Goals, But Don’t Get Hung Up on […]

7 Research-Backed Tips on Improving Twitter Conversions

twitter-placeit feature

Twitter – what is it good for? The site, which reported 255 million monthly active users in March, has gone way beyond its original roots to become a place that breaks news, provides customer service and has a goodly dose of snark and humor. It’s a site where people can pack a powerful punch into […]

Pro Tips on Using Social Proof to Increase Conversions

social proof_placeit-feature

Businesses and marketers are increasingly using social proof to create positive customer engagement around their products and services, which in turn can increase conversions that contribute to the bottom line. After all, it’s not just about getting users to your website, but it’s about ultimately keeping them there to become a real customer. To do […]

How to Use This Advanced Technology for More Social Shares

social media

All too often, site owners—especially ecommerce site owners—neglect their social media buttons. They do little to nothing to optimize their placement or how visitors interact with them. The assumption is, if you apply social buttons to a webpage, you’ll automatically get more social traffic. The reality is you have to optimize them to see results. […]

How to Become a Visible Expert in Your Industry

visible expert - feature

This story is familiar for many professional services firms: You know your firm is full of experts. Perhaps your clients know it, too. But it’s a quiet expertise, and it doesn’t register with the wider marketplace. When buyers engage a professional services provider, we’ve seen that expertise is their number one priority. Sellers, naturally, are […]

Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords – the Facebook Targeting Advantage

google v facebook ads

Facebook and Google are the two biggest internet giants, and each has its own advertising model. Which is best? The answer may surprise you. Many companies wonder whether they should use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. As you will read in this article, we believe Facebook targeting holds certain advantages. At first glance, they look pretty […]

Facebook Hashtags: To Use or Not to Use… That’s the Question

facebook hashtags - placeit

The blog at CrazyEgg got a question from a reader recently, wondering about Facebook hashtags. The reader wanted to know if it was worth using them and, if so, could we shed some light on the topic. I was curious too, so I did a little research. A quick search for “hashtags on Facebook” brings […]

Integrate Your Website & Facebook with These 7 eCommerce Apps

ecommerce - placeit

When you think of Facebook, the word “e-commerce” doesn’t generally come to mind. What if you could engage your customers on Facebook, not just on a social level, but on a shopping one too? The good news is that there are plenty of high quality, tightly-integrated Facebook ecommerce apps that can bring the ease of […]

3 Can’t-Miss Tips for Optimizing Social Media Content

SMO - Social Media Optimization 3D Concepts

When someone says, “Everyone else is doing it,” I generally turn and run. That’s just not a good reason for doing… anything. But when it comes to social media marketing, “what everyone else is doing” can be good information. It can help you know what’s working and what’s not—so you can develop your strategy without […]

How To Set and Run a Hashtag-Driven Twitter Chat

twitter chat

Tweetchats are pretty much the best thing ever: the way of both utilizing a fairly recent form of social media, while incorporating an all-but-dead concept of communication (the chatroom), it gives us the best of old and new, then and now. A Twitter chat is a logical extension of your hashtag marketing strategy because any […]

4 Simple Steps to Better Facebook Marketing Results

social media

Having trouble engaging your fans on Facebook? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to research conducted at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, out of the top 200 brands on Facebook, only one brand has an engagement rate higher than 2%, and only 10% of those brands have an engagement rate higher than 1%. Especially […]

How to Create Your Own Online Marketing Adventure

Online marketing adventures

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for those infographics that summarize data from a survey or study. All those little pictures and graphics next to colorful numbers… just heaven. Something I noticed lately is that there seems to be a lot of conflicting data floating around about online marketing efforts. For example: […]

Referrals are Not Enough: How Buyers Evaluate Professional Services

Services Theme

How do prospects evaluate you as a professional services provider? Lots of firms will give you a familiar answer: references and referrals. But as savvy marketers know, the web is increasingly a cornerstone for professional services buyers. Buyers have more ways than ever to find information, and they are using those tools more and more […]

Hashtag Marketing 102: 16 Best Hashtag Marketing Tools

hashtag series feature img

Hashtag marketing is a primary method of getting word out and reaching new channels. Events, Twitter profiles, trending topics, marketing campaigns and more can be covered by a single hashtag, which can now be used on sites all across the web. In my last Crazy Egg article, I took a look at how hashtags are […]

Revenge of the Social Media Manager: What’s YOUR Time Worth?

time commitment

We all know that social media is a black hole for time… Sucking us in… forever lost in the continuous newsfeed messages and Pinterest pins. So when I say “time commitment,” I can almost see your eyeballs roll as you nod in agreement. Mornings are started late after we take a quick scroll through our […]

Create Raving Fans on Social Media in 4 Easy Steps

raving fans

Newbies to social media often point to their number of followers as the success target for using it in their marketing campaigns. However, given the fact that there are many services out there that will let you purchase followers, that doesn’t really seem like a legitimate standard, right? So, what’s the true standard of social […]

Hashtag Marketing 101: Keyword Research in the Social Media Era

research marketing3

The hashtag has become more than a useful tool, it has become a symbol of the modern age. You can see it almost everywhere, from different websites to real life. This skit with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake is the perfect illustration… As we marketers tend to adopt any trend under the sun, it’s quite natural hashtag […]

It’s Time to Get Google+ (14 Tips for 2014)

Getting started with Google+

Sorry, but Google+ isn’t going away. In fact, some might say it’s become inescapable, as the big G busily integrates it into everything. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to use this key network for building your brand. Here are 14 tips that not only help you “get” Google+ but also master it. Image: […]

4 Easy Steps to Measure Your Social Media ROI

analytics 2

Okay, so you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to DOMINATE social media. You’re going to send out messages regularly, be active in your community, and create a pack of raving fans for your brand. After all, 74% of marketers saw an increase in website traffic after spending just six hours per week […]

14 Social Media Trends for 2014


With more and more brands hopping on the social media bandwagon in 2013, there are bound to be some shifts in the way we use it for business. We’re seeing hashtags show up in print advertising and television commercials, and short-form videos like Vine and Instagram Videos becoming more mainstream. You might say social media […]

One Tweak That Can Transform Your Social Media Marketing

one tweak

Social media made the promise of giving brands and organizations a chance to get closer to their customer. Yet today we still see thousands of consumer complaints, questions and inquiries going overlooked and unanswered. What’s with that? Obviously, brands are missing out on hundreds of engagement opportunities every single day. Every month, LeadSift conducts a […]

9 Must-Have Twitter Tools that Can Make You a Social Media Rock Star


Whether you’re using it for sharing content, responding to followers, keeping up-to-date with the news or having fun, Twitter is an essential part of most marketers’ social media arsenal. But it gets even better when you manage your Twitter interactions with third-party tools. There are dozens of them, including Hootsuite, ManageFlitter, Untweeps and (my personal […]

7 Social Marketing Tactics To Launch A Product

Hand launching paper airplane

New product launches are an art and a science. Once you’ve created your product, it needs to be sold, and before selling the product, it has to be made visible to your prospective buyer. The challenge, of course, is how to do that. But these days, with nearly one in four people worldwide using social […]

5 Ways to Make a Splash with Social Customer Service


Brands use their social media platforms for many things: launching new products sharing interesting content generating buzz with compelling infographics And some of them even use it for customer service. In fact, 2013, over 62% of brands are responding to social questions. But is that a good way to go? Should brands use Twitter or Facebook […]

13 Reasons Why Customers Don’t Share Your Content on Social Media

sad 2

Have you been underwhelmed by the performance of your content on social media? Do your analytics reports show that customers just aren’t sharing? Here are some of the key obstacles to social sharing along with suggestions for how to fix them. Image credit: Orin Zebest Troubleshooting Content 1. Poor Titles You’ve heard it before—a great […]

Converting With Facebook Ads: “The Promoted Post Retargeting Loop” Strategy

hit a aim

Have you sensed it too? Over the last year, the power and effectiveness of Facebook marketing has been shifting… in a positive way. More and more, marketers I know have been mentioning the amazing results (in hard dollars, not Likes) they’ve been getting from their Facebook advertising efforts. And most of these marketers had one […]

7 Signs That You Have Social Intelligence

social intelligence

Do you have social intelligence and are you using it in your business and marketing? If intelligence is the ability to gather, use and share knowledge and skills and business intelligence is the ability to gather, analyze and share data to improve business decision making, then social intelligence is the ability to gather, analyze and […]

3 Unconventional Ways to Boost E-Commerce Traffic & Sales

checkout pages

Online marketing is a complex and ever-changing world. As new media platforms emerge and technology advances, people interact with the web in new and diverse ways. And while this can make it a challenge to run an online e-commerce business, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are many ways to improve upon your strategies […]

Profitable Pinning: How to Harness the Power of Pinterest in Your eCommerce Business

three notes pinned to a string

Pinterest has gained popularity and traction in the online world over the past few years—and with over 70 million registered users, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. Though in the past Pinterst has been viewed as another “Mommy” site—with the majority of users being women, and moms 61 percent more likely […]

Need Exposure? 4 Simple Ways to Get More Social Influence


When you own any kind of business, your success depends on increasing your social influence or gaining exposure. It’s a no-brainer, really… With more exposure, more people see what you have to offer. That equals more potential customers… And more sales. Now, there are a lot of techniques for increasing your social influence, but I’d […]

Influence Marketing: It’s a Tribal Thing

tribe of elephants

Watch Discovery Channel much? There are always these programs where a cheetah (or another predator) stalks a lone baby elephant or gazelle at the back of the larger group. But if that herd turns around and works together, you’d better believe the cheetah will be running in the other direction. What does this have to […]

Twtrland: A Social Intelligence Tool that Gives Business Insights Too

hand drawing light bulb

Looking for a good way to understand what’s going on in your Twitter world? You’re not the only one. Israeli entrepreneur Guy Avigdor needed this functionality so much that he invented Twtrland to help him. “Twtrland came from a personal need for me to understand people on Twitter,” says Avigdor, “but then it evolved into […]

How to Kill Your Frankenstein-Like Marketing Campaign Today


“It’s alive!” Or is it? Just because your marketing campaign has as many parts as Frankenstein’s monster, that doesn’t mean it’s working. In fact, you may be stretched way too thin. It’s something that happens to many marketers, especially with new social media sites and promotional channels springing up every day. If you have created […]

4 Big Things You Thought You Knew About Social Media

Bored looking male computer operator

Everybody knows how social media marketing works. They know that people use social networks to connect, that it’s all about getting shared, that there are no more gatekeepers, and that if users love their content, it’s going to dominate on social media. Or more accurately, that’s what they think they know. Because it turns out […]

Are You Using Quora in Your Social Strategy? 8 Tips to Do It Right


Quora is like the mature, authoritative big brother of Yahoo Answers. On this platform, users can ask questions, tag them by a number of self-defined categories, and answer. Plus, there’s no longer the issue of getting dubious answers from rockerdude3628—users are required to verify their names and can add bylines identifying their expertise in the […]

A Three-Pronged Approach to Getting Quality Leads on Twitter

twitter for business2

Ted Prodromou is an author, speaker and consultant in online advertising, social media, lead generation and search engine optimization. His latest book in the growing “Ultimate Series” for business is the Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business. In this interview we focus on how to effectively use Twitter to not just get more followers, but […]

Social Sharing and Social Analytics–Swayy vs Scoop.it

social sharing

When we’re marketing online, there are three issues that concern us above all others (OK, maybe not more than world peace). These are: How to find good content to share with our audiences. Which tools to use to share that content. How to figure out our reach when we share it. I don’t know about […]

Hypnotic Marketing Using Instagram


In this article I am going to show you how I built an Instagram account to a few thousand cult followers in a few months. The exciting part? It is easy to do and you can literally create a following in a few months.

Are You a High-Growth Firm? Top 10 Marketing Tools Revealed

Business Graph

If you want to grow faster and be more profitable, study the firms that are already doing it. That’s the simple logic that has guided our research program into high-growth, high-profit professional services firms. One of the early findings was that high-growth firms tended to focus more resources on online marketing than did their average […]

5 Things I Learnt from Video Games to Enhance my SMM

video games and social media marketing

Social media accounts and pages can resemble video games—some are truly entertaining and fun, while others make you bored and sleepy. I think there should be a way social media managers can learn a thing from video games to make their accounts and pages more captivating. So with that in mind, let’s review some common […]