Stop Trying to Rank for Keywords! Use the Dandelion Theory Instead


Richard Jacobs is an attorney marketing specialist and author of 2 books… Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach and But I Only Had 2 Beers! Truth Talk From Over 25 DUI Lawyers. While his focus is primarily on attorney marketing, Rich has done SEO and PPC for clients in a number of […]

AdWords Lessons From SEO Agencies?

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C’mon! AdWords lessons from SEO agencies? What do SEOs really know about the complex and strategic world of PPC? Well, in this article we’re gonna find out. Over the last few months, I’ve been monitoring the AdWords campaigns of the companies bidding on the keyword “seo agency” in Google (I use the “spy tool” iSpionage […]

Looking for Love Online: Marketing Lessons from the Top Online Dating Sites

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Online dating is a billion dollar industry. Each month around 450,000 searches are done on the keyword “online dating.” So which companies are battling it out for the affection of singles looking for love online? Well, of the 170 companies who’ve had ads running for the keyword “online dating” over the last 3 months, there […]

Are the Top AdWords Ads for “Golf Vacations” Subpar?

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If you’re paying a lot of money for clicks in AdWords, you’d better be converting those clicks into leads and sales. That’s why, when you study top AdWords ads in competitive markets, you’ll often find great examples of effective ad copy and landing pages that can inspire ideas to improve your own AdWords campaigns. In […]

9 PPC Tools That’ll Give You a Leg Up on the Competition

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In the cutthroat world of PPC advertising, you need every advantage you can get to stay ahead of the competition. Below are 9 tools that will help give you an edge in the set up, management and optimization of PPC campaigns… either by saving you time, making your job easier and/or providing revealing data most […]

5 Landing Page Lessons from Top PPC Advertisers To Help You Crush the Competition

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If you’re paying for AdWords clicks in competitive markets, you gotta have you’re act together. And, that doesn’t just mean optimizing your keywords, ad copy, targeting, etc. in AdWords. It means having a landing page that converts at a level that leaves your competitors in the dust. So when you see advertisers consistently bidding for […]

AdWords Lessons From a Fiercely Competitive Market


It’s actually pretty simple. Ad copy and landing page.  That’s all a prospect will see of your AdWords campaign. If you get the messaging on both right (and it jives with the keyword they typed into Google), there’s a good chance you’ll be successful with AdWords. If not, you’ll probably be helping Google’s bottom line […]

The Essence of Google AdWords in 876 Words

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Thanks to an unexpected gift card from a consulting client, I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ new book, The Four Hour Chef. Now, honestly, I have no interest in learning how to cook. With two young kids and a wife who also works full-time, I feel just getting something edible on the table (as opposed […]