You Might Not Be the Kind of Person Who Can Use This Copywriting Trick


No one likes to be on the wrong side of the velvet rope. NO ONE likes to be excluded. In fact, we all dream of being on the other side…the exclusive side. We all want to stand out as special, significant and superior in some way. We want to be treated like royalty. A rock […]

5 Pro Tips for More Effective Blog Post Headlines


If you want your blog posts to get noticed, it’s important to learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines. Many people think that headline writing is a guessing game, but that’s not true. There’s an art and a science to writing better headlines, and studying techniques that the pros use is one of the best ways […]

5 Ways To Generate Sales From A Beautiful But Ineffective Website


I’ve seen it happen too many times. An aspiring entrepreneur thinks that as long as he has a beautiful website, he’ll be able to sell his products to the entire world. All it takes is an internet connection and a website that looks great. The problem with this, of course, is that it’s not true.  […]

25 Exciting And Effective Infographic Designs


We have already discussed the essentials and rules of great infographic design and now it’s time to see those tips at work! Here are 25 outstanding infographics from all over the Internet that embody everything that makes data visualization so exciting and effective. Tell us which ones are your favorites (and why) and feel free […]

7 Ways To Craft A Consistent Social Media Brand


While each social media platform has different features, layouts, and functionality, one thing can always remain the same – your branding. The following are seven tips and examples of how to consistently portray your brand across multiple social media networks. 1 – Grab Your Brand Name If you’re just starting out, try to grab the […]

Why the Landing Page of the 2011 App of the Year Is Just “Okay”

Landing Page Analysis of Instagram

Ever walk into a sushi bar with your date and think twice about staying? I mean, the wallpaper is old, the music is creepy, the wait staff doesn’t notice you and the place looks abandoned. If that was me, I’d look at my wife, grab her arm and march right out of there. Online that real-world […]

How To Create The Winning Angle For Your Content Every Time


 Wondering what to write about? If you are, you aren’t alone. Countless bloggers wonder the same thing as they sit in front of a blank screen and wait for inspiration to strike. It’s an important question, after all; what you write about will determine whether your post will be read and shared, or sit in […]

11 Successful AdWords Ads and Why They Crush the Competition


You don’t get much space. 25 characters for the headline. 70 characters of ad text. 35 characters for the Display URL. That’s it. I’m talking of course about those little ads you see whenever you do a search on Google. Some businesses are able to phenomenally successful AdWords ads while others have failed miserably. Ultimately, […]

How To Create a Slam Dunk Mobile App (Inspired By March Madness)


We pay lip service to “designing for the end user” and “creating a better experience for users.” But we don’t always execute. If you are designing a mobile app, there is no question more important than the following: “What missions will my end user be trying to accomplish using this application?” Make a list.  Prioritize […]

Critique This Web Savvy Non-Profit Event Website


Startup Weekend is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is all about the doing. These are 54-hour events that bring marketers, developers, entrepreneurs and other movers and shakers together to launch a start up. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing and Web Design Experts to weigh in on the design and marketing on the Startup Weekend […]

How 9 Big Brands Display Social Network Icons on their Website


One of the best ways to ensure the growth of your followers, fans, friends, and connections is by sharing your social profile links on your website. The following are examples of brands who use various areas of their website to display social network icons, buttons, and badges. Social Integration Into Headers Want to make sure […]

The Landing Page Formula Of Software Giant Intuit


Intuit has been helping small businesses ring up sales since 1992 with its Quickbooks, Quicken and TurboTax software. Now, Intuit sees an opportunity to grab market share from Square by introducing GoPayment, software and hardware that turns your phone or tablet into a credit card processor. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing and Web Design […]

6 Pro Blog Tweaks to Get More E-mail Subscriptions


Everyone knows that getting more e-mail subscriptions is every serious blogger’s number one goal. If you’re looking to grow your blog, getting more subscribers by e-mail is the way to go. So how can you optimize your site to get more subscribers? How can you tweak your design to get a greater percentage of visitors […]

5 Examples of Ecommerce Checkout Done Right (And wrong)

Ecommerce Checkout

A lot of attention and effort goes into making pages that convert:  optimizing the content, tweaking the call-to-action, and streamlining the navigation so that everything is easy to find (and even easier to act on!)  But one page that often gets the short end of the conversion stick is the pre-checkout page. This usually happens, […]

10 Marketing And Web Design Experts Analyze a World-Class Non-Profit Website


Cure is an outstanding non-profit organization whose mission is to provide life-changing surgery to children that have no access to this care. Currently, Cure operates 10 hospitals in 10 countries and performs surgeries for children with bowed legs, club foot and untreated burns just to name a few. Non-profit organizations like Cure require funding to […]

How To Design an E-Book That Gets Downloaded, Read, and Shared


Nice-looking site? Check. Mailing list software and follow-up messages? Check. Good opt-in rates thanks to a compelling free offer? No? Then this post is for you. The knee-jerk reaction that most people have in this situation is to write up a quick and dirty “seven steps to whatever” e-book, save it as a PDF, and […]

Infographics: How to Strike the Elusive Balance between Data and Visualization


They started out as a social media experiment and then suddenly everyone wanted a piece. A couple years back, if you dropped the word ‘Infographic’ or ‘Dataviz’ in a conversation, you would have been greeted by a good number of confused looks even if you were among other web designers. Today, so many infographics have […]

25 Beautiful Restaurant Website Designs That Will Have Your Mouth Watering


Dining out is an experience.  A restaurant website is often the the first stage of that experience. For the restaurateur, it is critical that the website encourage patrons to visit the restaurant. The objective of the restaurant website should be two-fold: Show off the enticing array of food Make it easy to find necessary information […]

What Harvard Business School Can Teach Us About Web Design


Harvard University has graduated eight U.S. presidents and more Nobel Laureates than you can count on all of your fingers and toes. It is also home of the largest academic library in the U.S. Harvard University knows academics. But it turns out they are no slouch when it comes to web design and marketing either. […]

4 Web Page Elements I’d Pick Over Good Design Any Day (and Twice on Sunday)

Elements I Would Choose Over Web Design

Before the hate mail starts rolling in, I’d like to make it clear that the point of this post is not to minimize the importance of good web design. I strongly believe design is a critical component of a successful website. But if I were to rank the elements I’d want on a web page […]

11 Reasons To Use The Gravity Forms WordPress Plug-In


You might be a skeptic.  I know I was. I was getting along just fine with Contact Form 7 as my go-to contact form plug-in for WordPress.  Don’t get me wrong, Contact Form 7 is an outstanding free plug-in.  If all you need is a simple contact form plug-in, Contact Form 7 will do the […]

9 Web Design And Marketing Lessons Daddy Learned At The Grocery Store


Yep, I’m that guy. The daddy that has a 2 year-old strapped into a grocery shopping cart that looks like a car.  And god bless those goofy, oversized shopping carts.  They keep my kids entertained for 10 minutes of my 40 minute sprint through the grocery store every weekend. I want zero friction in my […]

8 Brilliant Examples Of Social Proof On The Web


Aileen Lee got it right: social proof is the new marketing. But this really shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us. When the Internet leveled the playing field and took away big advertisers’ information edge…we stopped believing what they said and started looking for others to tell us what we should do, buy or […]

15 Twitter Hashtags for #WebDesign & How To Use Them


If you are a Twitter hashtag veteran, bear with me for a moment.  We will get to some advanced stuff shortly. For those that are new to Twitter hashtags, let’s start with the basics. What are Twitter Hashtags? Hashtags are a way of organizing Twitter.  Twitter users are able to sort tweets that contain a […]

The Sexiest Way to Make So Much Money It Scares You

Sexiest Way To Make Money

It starts with the copy. Copy so irresistible that readers rush hot and heavy through your sales letter…begging to do whatever it is you want them to do. Buy, donate or subscribe. It doesn’t matter. They want to do it. But not everyone can write sales letters like that. Unless you know the three appeals that are […]

How To Make Money With Facebook Ads, Part 2


So how do you make money with Facebook ads? Last month we looked at the opportunity that is Facebook paid advertising. We left off with the first step in the conversion process…getting someone to click on your ad. So now that you got the click, what’s next? Well, the secret here is that with Facebook, […]

How Would You Improve This Minty Fresh Website Design?


Mint Themes is a uniquely branded WordPress theme development company from Toronto, Canada. They specialize in building WordPress themes for churches, bands and businesses. There is no mistaking the intentional use of words like fresh, clean and minty on the website.  The branding is present in every aspect of the site. We asked our Crazy […]

13 Design and Marketing Experts Critique Media Temple’s Home Page

Home Page Design Critique

Media Temple is without question one of the leaders in the website hosting industry. They have a reputation for providing a bulletproof hosting service with outstanding customer service. Being in the web hosting business we would expect Media Temple to have a stellar home page.  We asked our Crazy Egg design and marketing experts to […]

10 WordPress Plugins & Other Enhancements That Will Make Your Business More Social


One of the great things about using WordPress as your blogging platform or website content management system is the ability to enhance the functionality of the base system with widgets, plugins, add-ons, buttons, and other tools. These can help you do just about anything, including make your blog and your website more socially engaging. The […]

5 Sidebar Design Elements That Increase Website Conversion


If you’ve done enough A/B split tests to determine that your site converts best with a sidebar, you’ll want to know how to maximize that space for more conversions.  The good news is that, when done right, a sidebar can be an attractive addition that compels visitors to act.  Here are five conversion elements that […]

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads, Part 1


You’ve seen them before… …you may not know much about them, but they certainly seem to know a lot about you… …so much so that that you’ve probably been creeped out by them at times. No, I’m not talking about your spouse’s co-workers, I’m talking about Facebook ads. The paid ads on Facebook are located […]

Steal These 15 Proven Headline Formulas For Your Next Landing Page Or Blog Post


Sure, writing great copy is an art.  But there is science to it as well. There are proven formulas to writing copy. It can take years of practice to be able to choose the perfect word, craft a compelling call to action, and deliver on your audience’s expectations.  Online, the barriers are even greater, as […]

Everything You Need to Know about Writing Seductive Offers in 7 Steps


Ever wonder what it is about those offers that you simply can’t refuse? Whether it’s a Groupon email offering a weekend of horse backing for mere change or the restaurant promoting Tuesday as the night children eat free…these offers have a lot in common. In fact, seven things in common. And if you’re a writer […]

A Simple Psychological Trick That Increases Average Sale Price


Are you happy with your average sales price? Do you feel that you’re employing every tactic available to close deals and sell at higher prices? Or at an even more basic level, are you happy with your sales volume in general? Most successful business owners I meet are somewhat adept at pricing, negotiating, and closing […]

5 Free Tools For Finding Blog Topics That Generate Sales


So, you know you should be blogging. The top question I hear from business owners is — What should I write about? Businesses in some niches or industries may simply feel that there isn’t anything “exciting” to write about that will generate an audience. If your business has customers, it has an audience, and chances […]

Gimpy Web Copy? Use This 4-Step Formula to Make It Killer


Creating great copy is not hard. In fact, it’s quite easy. That is, if you understand four simple words. If you summarized every single book and article written on copy, you’d get these four words. In fact, someone consolidated all this knowledge into one simple, sticky formula… And if you use this formula anything you […]

Does Facebook Convert? Surprising Answers From Marketing Experts


The elusive ROI of social media.  It’s a tough nut to crack. Facebook has over 800 million active users. But does the mammoth social network convert into customers for business? Actually, quite the contrary. Research from DDB found that 84% of consumers that “like” a company Facebook page are current customers. This passes the sniff […]

The Secret To Capturing Valuable Customer Testimonials Every Time

Capture Valuable Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are gold. A well placed testimonial provides a third party endorsement for a product or service that can make the difference between a sale and no sale. Don’t kid yourself, potential customers care much more about what other people have to say about your business than what you have to say. So how […]

The Sneaky Keyword Research Trick That Helped Boost Conversions Over 50%


Got some deep, dark secrets to share with you in this post. But first a little background is in order. When it comes to online marketing…particularly search engine marketing…keyword research is the foundation of success. You simply can’t guess which keywords or phrases your prospects are typing into Google to find you…you have to know […]

5 Ways To Increase Holiday Website Sales

Increase Website Sales Over The Holidays

If visions of better conversion rates are dancing in your head, and your Christmas to-do list is full of calls-to-action, you know you’ve got holiday marketing on the brain.  With the chill of an uncertain economy still in the air, more people than ever are looking for ways to stretch their dollar and get more […]

5 Components of Successful Web Analytics


Having your website reach the performance levels you desire isn’t easy. It takes constant monitoring and measurement of visitor data to optimize web usage. This is where Web Analytics comes in. Not only is web analytics useful for measuring website traffic but it is also an effective tool for both business and market research. By […]

How To Track Conversions Using Google Analytics Campaigns


While you can easily see common traffic sources in Google Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, or other referral domains, you might find that you want more details. Using Google Analytics campaign tracking with UTM parameters, you can find out things like which ad on Facebook, which tweet on Twitter, or which link in your newsletter actually […]

The 10 Most Unique Blogs of 2011


Well, it’s officially the final month of 2011. As we cross the threshold into 2012, one thing is for certain, blogging is no longer a novel idea. There are millions of blogs online and thousands of posts go live each day. To stand out, you have to do something different. Ever wonder what makes a […]

Are These Six Little-Known Factors Affecting Your Search Engine Ranking?


Remember the “good old days” when the fastest way to get ranked at the top of the search heap was to have more of your keywords stuffed into your text and meta tags than your competitors did? Thankfully, times have changed. Today, higher rankings are made possible by authoritative back links, credible branding and actionable […]

How To Sell More Before, During and After Black Friday


Are you ready? Shoppers and retailers alike are gearing up for Black Friday. And judging by the competitive rush to get the most customers in the door (or on the screen), you’d think Black Friday was already in full swing. No matter what you’re selling, these seasonal marketing tips will help you sell more before, […]

Crystal Meth Vision Reveals the Secret Power of Google AdWords

Cheap Internet Marketing Testing Method

I got my start in Internet marketing because of drugs. Before you get the wrong idea though, it’s not how you think. See, I was president of a small drug testing company that sold a CSI-like device called DrugWipe. With DrugWipe you swipe a surface and within 5 minutes tell if someone who had touched […]

How to Turn Tweets and Likes into Dollars


What is a follower worth? What about a Like? Or a share? Or the newer, cooler +1? The prevailing wisdom in social media seems to be that one way or another, social attention will eventually convert into buying action – the new spin on the old “if you build it, they will come” line from […]

Answered: Does Offering Website Visitors a Freebie Lead To Increased Sales?

does free work?

I get this question all the time: Should I give something away for free?  Does it lead to increased sales?  What should I offer for free? We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts if they think freebies are a good idea and, if so, what do they suggest giving away for free. ♦♦♦ It depends […]

How to Find, Optimize, and Refine Your Keywords for Conversions


One of the overall goals of online marketing is to increase the rankings of your keywords. Unfortunately, some people get a little too concerned with rankings, and forget about the bigger picture – which of the keywords brings in the most conversions? After all, rankings don’t pay the bills.  Conversions do. If you’re targeting keywords […]

The Copywriting List: What Copywriters Have in Common with Jockeys


Part of the Sales Letter Makeover series. “You just had to let him run his race … and if he decided to win it, you’d better hold on because you’d be moving faster than a train.” That’s Willie Shoemaker talking about Silky Sullivan, the popular California horse that Willie rode to hundreds of wins. At […]