9 Tools that No Serious Online Writer Should Be Without


When it comes to writing for the web, competition is steadily growing fierce.  We’ve had it drilled into our heads that “content is king” but great content is what gets results. The thing nobody ever tells you, though, is how you are supposed to create all this great content. If you dread staring at a blank screen […]

5 Tips for Injecting the Like-Factor into Your Sales Copy


It’s true. We buy from people we like. Not the ones who give us the best deal or the best service. Not the ones who do the best work. But the ones we like the best. That being the case, getting your prospects to like you is an important part of the selling process. So […]

How to Create Winning Headlines in 9 Simple Steps

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Imagine a newspaper or magazine with no headlines. Imagine a print ad with no headlines. Imagine a long-form sales page with no headlines. It would be confusing and tedious. In a newspaper, headlines steer the reader from story to story. And it’s pretty much the same with magazines. In copywriting, the headline is the advertisement […]

5 Common Objections Your Sales Page Must Overcome to Make the Sale

overcome objections

What’s the most important task of sales copy? Driving sales, of course. And what’s the number one reason we struggle to do it? Because our prospects are masters of resistance. That being the case, the most critical task of your sales copy is overcoming objections. So let’s look at ways you can overcome the most […]

How To Write Cool Copy For Unsexy Stuff

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Are you writing or curating content for a company with a seemingly unsexy product or service? Trust me, you’re not alone. Most writers don’t work for Vogue, Apple, or Ferrari, and we’re faced with writing copy, blog posts, and other material for less than sexy stuff. Fortunately, there are tons of ways to use words […]

The Marketer’s Guide to Leveraging the Know-Factor in Your Sales Copy


They say your prospects need to know, like, and trust you before they’ll buy. Most marketers pay attention to trust-building strategies. After all, direct response puts a lot of emphasis on proofs. But how do you help people know you? Let’s be honest. In digital marketing, your visitors only know what you tell them. So […]

Add This Persuasive Power Tool to Your Sales Pages


Traditionally, direct response focuses on benefits: Pile on the benefits, and you can convince anyone to do anything. But that’s not exactly true. Benefits make features more relevant to your buyers, translating “it does this” to “it does this for YOU.” But without solid proof, these promises more likely to set off your visitors’ BS […]

How a Pro Marketer Would Sell a Used Workout Machine on Craigslist


It doesn’t matter whether you are writing offers for a Fortune 500 company or Craigslist. To get results, you use the same basic techniques. Let’s take a look at some Craigslist ads to see what works. Then try the same techniques on your own sales pages and see if they don’t make a difference. Start […]

How to Establish a ‘Control’ Landing Page for a New Product or Service


You’ve got a new service or a new product. You’re going to drive traffic to a new landing page through PPC, email, affiliates, traditional media, and other sources. You’ve got white space staring at you but the landing page needs to be ready in a few weeks—perhaps sooner. What’s next? Here’s a step-by-step guide to […]