5 Essential Qualities of Irresistible Product Descriptions

Irresistible Product Descriptions

Product descriptions aren’t that hard: Just list a few features and move on, right? Wrong. Your product descriptions should position your product, target your ideal customer, and set off a strong buy response. Features alone can’t do that. Just take a look at this high-end retailer’s description, and you’ll see what I mean. Trusting customers […]

22 One-Sentence Stories That Will Emotionally Charge Your Marketing

Customize Social Media Profiles

This might surprise you. If you’ve been involved in marketing for any length of time you know that stories sell. But the most important stories are not the stories you tell about yourself, your company and/or your product or service (though they are important). It’s the stories going on inside the heads of your customers […]

How To Sell With Six Words Or Less


It’s the most concentrated form of marketing — the tagline. When done right, a tagline can pack an explosive marketing punch in just a few words. But the lessons learned here extend far beyond taglines.  The psychology behind these brilliantly crafted bits of marketing can be applied to every level of marketing communications. Let’s take […]

A Content Marketers Guide To Creating Curiosity


If you want more attention for your content, learn to excite curiosity. Curiosity is one of the critical levers successful content marketers use to sell products, services and ideas in this increasingly noisy world. Let’s take a look at the research. What creates curiosity? According to research by Carnegie Mellon’s George Loewenstein, curiosity occurs when […]

Great Marketers Know These 4 Techniques They Teach In Journalism School


Storytelling is the new hotness in marketing – and you don’t have to be JK Rowling to make it work. Every day we read stories online from people who really know how to tell a tale – journalists. If you want to learn to market with story, you could do worse than to learn these […]

The Simple Way To Give Prospects The Confidence To Buy


It is often the tipping point. The point at which a prospect becomes a paying customer. In the Adweek Copywriting Handbook, legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman presents an interesting tactic.  He calls it a “satisfaction conviction”. According to Sugarman, a satisfaction conviction: “…conveys a message from you to your prospect that says, “hey, I’m so convinced […]

How To Create Website Content That Google Likes And Your Customers Love

How To Create Content That Google Likes

Creating web content is complicated, isn’t it? You need to delight your web visitors, please your bosses, and seduce Google. You need to consider keyword strategies and product hierarchies. No wonder many websites resemble a jungle with useful content hidden away – only reachable via a meandering path of clickable buttons and text links. Let’s […]

3 Ways To Charge More for Your Products and Services


There’s a simple benefit to charging more for a product or service—you make more money. But is it possible to charge more for what you’re doing without greatly altering your product or service? The answer is yes, and Rory Sutherland, the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, sums it up in his TED Talk: “The power […]

How To Tell Stories That Transform Prospects Into Customers

Transform Prospects Into Paying Customers

Using stories in persuasion has been recommended by renowned marketers like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Tell a compelling narrative, and people are more likely to buy. But is this really true? If so, why do stories work so well? According to research by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock at Ohio State University, story is […]

9 Questions To Ask Before You Publish Your Next Online Ad

Questions To Ask Before Publishing Online Ad

Are you having trouble writing online ads that get people to take action? You’re not alone.  The ugly truth of online media is that marketing messages frequently fall flat. It’s not for lack of effort, either – your copy might be a literal masterpiece. But what good is beautiful marketing writing if it doesn’t yield high […]

14 Resources to Help You Write Better Marketing Copy

Resources For Writing Better

Looking for a little inspiration to shift your marketing copy from blah to brilliant? These 14 writing and copywriting blogs (in alphabetical order) will help you stay at the top of your game – and as well as the usual suspects, there may be a few you’re not reading yet (but should be). There’s advice […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Copy


Stephen R. Covey’s landmark book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, gave us numerous valuable insights on effective human behavior and the secrets to success. Much like effective people, there are some distinct characteristics and patterns about great copywriting.  By mastering these techniques, you can write better, achieve excellence in your work and develop a […]

Could This Old Bible Study Method Be the Key to Irresistible Web Copy?


In the late nineteenth century, Professor William Cleaver Wilkinson made popular the 3 Ws: What? Why? What of it? when it came to studying the Bible. Eventually newspaper reporters noticed the usefulness of this method in researching and writing a news story, and eventually expanded the 3 Ws to the 5 Ws: Who Where When […]

5 Conversion Rate Experts Review A Wall Street Journal Landing Page

Wall Street Journal Landing Page

The Wall Street Journal needs no introduction. This landing page appeared when clicking on a Google AdWords ad triggered by the query ‘get financial news.’ Have a look at the landing page and what five Conversion Rate Optimization experts would test to improve the results for the Wall Street Journal. See the live landing page […]

How to Use “Filter Words” to Attract the Customers You Want (and Repel the Rest)

Using Filter Words

This is not for you. What would you do if a company told you that about their products? What would you say if a salesperson said this to you as you were picking an item off the shelf? Maybe you’ll get offended. Maybe you’ll think the store is elitist and snobbish. But, one thing’s for […]

Use This Single Word To Craft Magically Persuasive Offers


Answering the question “why” is extremely important in marketing. Customers are constantly asking it, and giving them answers is very important for the sales process. Let me explain with a story. Recently, I was shopping at Target with my wife. She loves the store, like most women, so this was a farily usual experience. But […]

Use This “Powerful” Marketers Thesaurus To Electrify Your Writing


Wait a minute.  The title of this article paints the wrong picture. We aren’t just talking about writing blog posts or sales copy. All of the following can be improved with this marketer’s thesaurus: Email subject lines Presentation titles Event names Video scripts Podcast scripts Any time you are communicating with other humans, this thesaurus […]

5 Common Copywriting Mistakes That’ll Turn Prospects Against You


It was amazing how quickly my feelings changed toward that baby. On a stunning spring morning I opened the blinds in the living room to let the sunshine spill into the house and something caught my eye. Not more than 10 feet away from the house was a tiny baby bunny, maybe 2 months old, […]

The 9 Psychological Tricks That Make Visitors Convert


The relationship between marketing and psychology is as old as the fields themselves. Business graduates are required to take Psychology and Consumer Behavior courses so that they can better understand the concepts and processes that determine successful products and sales strategies. Similarly, visitor psyche also plays a vital role in driving conversion. Identifying the stimuli, […]

The #1 Website Copy Mistake That Most Businesses Make


When it comes to writing online, not everyone knows what it takes to write compelling website copy. They think any text will do, but that’s not the case. There’s an art and a science to writing good copy online and off, and the best copywriters know how to write in a way that connects with […]

How George Lucas Would Write The Story Of Your Company


Good stories sell. If you look at your website analytics it will likely prove it.  You will find that one of the most visited pages on your website is your “About” page or its equivalent. In fact, if you are able to track it, you will likely find that many of your buyers visit your […]

How Compelling Is Your Website’s Copy? A Simple, 4-Step Checklist


While most of us spend a lot of time fussing over the design of our website–making sure the color will create the right emotion or the call-to-action button is positioned effectively–we often neglect the copy. We figure we’ll hire someone to write that. And cross our fingers that he or she knows how to seduce […]

Pretend You Are a Mute Salesman and 3 Other Tips to Help Your Landing Page Convert


We all love to see a beautiful landing page. The design, the colors, the grid. But beauty alone isn’t going to make that landing page sell. In fact, a beautiful landing page may actually suck at converting visitors to subscribers or paying customers. To make it sell you need something more. You need to use […]

The 100% Avoidable Reason People Say “No” To Your Online Offer


Here’s the problem: You aren’t there to persuade them.  Your personable charm, small talk and neatly pressed shirt have no impact on the sale. The prospect, alone and safe from high-pressure sales people, stares at your web page — credit card in hand. What makes them say ‘yes?’ Hold your horses, here is a better […]

How Picking Up Women Can Make You a Better Copywriter


This article may get me in trouble at home. But since I have a very understanding wife (who will hopefully never read this), I’d like to tell you about two of the best marketing books I’ve read in the last few years. The catch is they’re not about marketing at all. They’re about picking up […]

Did Google Get It Right With This Google Drive Product Launch Video?


Look out DropBox.  Here comes Google Drive. In late April, Google launched Google Drive, a cloud file storage and sharing service that competes with the likes of DropBox. As with most of their products, the launch was with little fanfare. No widespread use of television, radio or print.  No Google Drive billboards. The news spread […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive on Becoming a Big Shot Blogger


Ever wanted a fool-proof way to build a blog that people can’t ignore and will flock to even if they don’t want to?

Is Your Landing Page Copy Outsmarting Your Prospects? Use This Free Tool To Find Out


The readability of your landing page copy is critically important. If the prospect that is reading your copy can’t understand it, there is…

Wanna Guess Which 2012 Presidential Candidate Wants Your Email Address the Most?

Presidential Campaign Online Marketing

Let’s do a little test: Take a look at Mitt Romney’s website. If you visited this page, what would you do? Would you hand over your name and email addy?  Or hit the back button? What I Love and Hate about Romney’s Landing Page The tight-fisted, hard-nosed marketer in me likes the landing page. Forty […]

9 Website Strategies (Besides Testimonials) for Proving Your Way to More Sales


“Why should I believe you?” There are a lot of questions going through a prospect’s mind when they come to your website. And this is one of the biggies you have to answer (and answer well!) because your prospects are… Numb from being slammed by hundreds of marketing messages each day. Pissed off because they’ve […]

You Might Not Be the Kind of Person Who Can Use This Copywriting Trick


No one likes to be on the wrong side of the velvet rope. NO ONE likes to be excluded. In fact, we all dream of being on the other side…the exclusive side. We all want to stand out as special, significant and superior in some way. We want to be treated like royalty. A rock […]

5 Pro Tips for More Effective Blog Post Headlines


If you want your blog posts to get noticed, it’s important to learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines. Many people think that headline writing is a guessing game, but that’s not true. There’s an art and a science to writing better headlines, and studying techniques that the pros use is one of the best ways […]

Why the Landing Page of the 2011 App of the Year Is Just “Okay”

Landing Page Analysis of Instagram

Ever walk into a sushi bar with your date and think twice about staying? I mean, the wallpaper is old, the music is creepy, the wait staff doesn’t notice you and the place looks abandoned. If that was me, I’d look at my wife, grab her arm and march right out of there. Online that real-world […]

8 Brilliant Examples Of Social Proof On The Web


Aileen Lee got it right: social proof is the new marketing. But this really shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us. When the Internet leveled the playing field and took away big advertisers’ information edge…we stopped believing what they said and started looking for others to tell us what we should do, buy or […]

The Sexiest Way to Make So Much Money It Scares You

Sexiest Way To Make Money

It starts with the copy. Copy so irresistible that readers rush hot and heavy through your sales letter…begging to do whatever it is you want them to do. Buy, donate or subscribe. It doesn’t matter. They want to do it. But not everyone can write sales letters like that. Unless you know the three appeals that are […]

How Would You Improve This Minty Fresh Website Design?


Mint Themes is a uniquely branded WordPress theme development company from Toronto, Canada. They specialize in building WordPress themes for churches, bands and businesses. There is no mistaking the intentional use of words like fresh, clean and minty on the website.  The branding is present in every aspect of the site. We asked our Crazy […]

10 Idiot-Proof Ways To Generate Trust With Your Landing Page Copy


Landing pages are those web pages specifically designed to perform one task…it could be to sell your product, encourage people to sign up for an email newsletter or recommend an event. No matter the purpose, however, a landing page must build trust from the very beginning and never let up. The moment it does, your […]

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads, Part 1


You’ve seen them before… …you may not know much about them, but they certainly seem to know a lot about you… …so much so that that you’ve probably been creeped out by them at times. No, I’m not talking about your spouse’s co-workers, I’m talking about Facebook ads. The paid ads on Facebook are located […]

The Real Loser: When Designers and Copywriters Duke It Out

Copywriters and Designers

Are you ready to pick a side? The battle starts in 3. 2. 1… Meet the DESIGNER:  He talks with visuals, loves clean lines, doesn’t have a lot of use for words and believes that text is, by definition, tedious and unattractive. Now say ‘Hi’ to the COPYWRITER:  He believes in the power of words, […]

Steal These 15 Proven Headline Formulas For Your Next Landing Page Or Blog Post


Sure, writing great copy is an art.  But there is science to it as well. There are proven formulas to writing copy. It can take years of practice to be able to choose the perfect word, craft a compelling call to action, and deliver on your audience’s expectations.  Online, the barriers are even greater, as […]

Everything You Need to Know about Writing Seductive Offers in 7 Steps


Ever wonder what it is about those offers that you simply can’t refuse? Whether it’s a Groupon email offering a weekend of horse backing for mere change or the restaurant promoting Tuesday as the night children eat free…these offers have a lot in common. In fact, seven things in common. And if you’re a writer […]

Gimpy Web Copy? Use This 4-Step Formula to Make It Killer


Creating great copy is not hard. In fact, it’s quite easy. That is, if you understand four simple words. If you summarized every single book and article written on copy, you’d get these four words. In fact, someone consolidated all this knowledge into one simple, sticky formula… And if you use this formula anything you […]

The Copywriting List: What Copywriters Have in Common with Jockeys


Part of the Sales Letter Makeover series. “You just had to let him run his race … and if he decided to win it, you’d better hold on because you’d be moving faster than a train.” That’s Willie Shoemaker talking about Silky Sullivan, the popular California horse that Willie rode to hundreds of wins. At […]

A 3-Step Process To Finding Your Writing Groove


If writing is part of your marketing mix, there are always good days and bad days when it comes to what you’re actually producing. Sometimes your output is bangin’ and you write content that oozes personality, dribbles intelligence and smacks your readers upside the head with something they would never have known, if it weren’t […]

Is The “Long Copy” Sales Page A Thing of the Past?


Do those epic 5,000 word sales pages with the big, colorful BUY NOW buttons work? You might be surprised to hear the answers. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts whether the long copy sales page is dead? ♦♦♦ It depends on what you’re writing for. I subscribe to the theory that copy should only […]

The First Thing To Do When Preparing To Write a Sales Page


Things just work better when there is a process. Socks or pants first?  You probably do it the same way when you prepare for a new day.  It works for you. Preparing to write a sales page is a process. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts the first thing they do when preparing to […]

The 3 Ways a Sales Letter Can Fail (and How to Avoid Each)

Ways a Sales Letter Can Fail

Sales letters are an essential part of promoting products. And depending on the product, sales letters can be either simple or complex. For example, an e-mail newsletter is a pretty simple product. You don’t have to devote a lot of space to selling it, especially if it’s free. Bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks, on the other […]