How to Write Like a Hipster (And Be Professional Too!)

hip yet professional

Hipster is sort of a dated and overdone term, but we all understand what it means. A hipster is someone who’s super cool, ahead of the times, and has a little bit of an edge. A hipster is found at an underground club in an indie urban neighborhood, rather than in a suburban shopping mall. […]

Don’t Ditch Your Blog Yet: 6 Reasons Why Your Blog Still Rocks for Marketing

don't ditch your blog

There are more places than ever to market your brands… so do you still need a blog? To stay relevant marketers are now creating YouTube videos, making albums on Instagram, creating infographics for Pinterest and generally getting social. They have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and might even be rocking Slideshare for […]

The Dynamic Power of Headline Influencers

headline influencers feature

Have you ever tried hitting a moving object, except the moving object is a millisecond glance? That’s what crafting digital headlines feels like, at least for some of us. Internet surfers glide through dozens of headlines daily, stopping to click only when… Only when what? When they see how many people tweeted it? When a […]

How to Be a Crowdsourcing Rock Star (The Easy Way to Go Viral)


You’ve heard of crowdsourcing content, I suppose. But have you given any thought to how well it can work to build community and help you go viral? As a content creator, I knew it was a good way to create content. But I hadn’t given it much thought to its ability to go viral—until my […]

7 Factors that Make Your Blog Less Credible

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Your blog is hands-down your best marketing tool, but that’s only true if it does what it’s supposed to. When everything works right you have a web optimized hub with excellent, shareable content that builds your community. But how do you make the leap from having an ordinary blog to one that’s a credible hangout […]

The Business Blogger’s Guide to Dealing with Content Theft

content theft

It’s never pleasant to discover that your content has been stolen. How about if you don’t know it’s being stolen? How do you keep alerted to that? Once you’ve caught the culprit, then what do you do to get it removed? How about preventing your content from being stolen in the future? Is there any way […]

5 Things I Learnt from Video Games to Enhance my SMM

video games and social media marketing

Social media accounts and pages can resemble video games—some are truly entertaining and fun, while others make you bored and sleepy. I think there should be a way social media managers can learn a thing from video games to make their accounts and pages more captivating. So with that in mind, let’s review some common […]

Run A Better Guest Blogging Campaign: 7 Things NOT to Do

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Is guest blogging still a good marketing tactic? It depends on who you ask. According to Social Media Today, it’s “the most powerful and ethical form of link building.” Businesses have found it to be a great way to get the word out about a product or service—and build brand authority and exposure at the same time. […]

The Little-Known Trick for Higher-Quality Content and Landing Pages

research for better copywriting

There’s a little-known “trick” for higher-quality content and better-converting landing pages. The best writers swear by it. Non-writers avoid it like the plague. What is it? Research. When I first became a freelance copywriter, I had a hard time with research. I knew I needed to do a lot of it, but I didn’t know […]