3 Steps to Kick-Start Conversions on Your Landing Pages

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Landing page conversion optimization is pretty hot right now. Speak to any marketer or online business owner and, chances are, you’ll hear them talking about tactics for lifting conversion rates. With so much money going into driving traffic to our sites, it’s little wonder that more people are focusing on converting more visitors into customers. […]

Bridging The Gap Between Phone Calls & Analytics in 2014

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Look at you, the Smart Marketer: setting up heat maps, using conversion tags, being all innovative with your email marketing, and using smart retargeting techniques. You understand the importance of page flow and designing with emotion. If your website were a real-life store, they’d block off main street because there are so many people dying to get in. […]

A Warning to Ecommerce Startups: The Future of Online is Offline

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When ecommerce first took the world by storm in the late ’90s and early 2000s, cutting edge marketers knew that the “information superhighway” was the future of commerce. As we entered the information age, we were going to free ourselves from the shackles of brick and mortar, and virtual reality imagined by science fiction writers […]

Phostir: The Traffic Light Usability Testing Tool

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Can a traffic light system help you troubleshoot and resolve web usability issues? That’s what Phostir promises. It was recently featured in our roundup of web usability tools and I decided to take it for a full test drive to see how it worked. Let’s get one thing out of the way early. The name […]

GitGrow Analytics: Simplify & Interpret the Metrics that Matter

gitgrow analytics

I’m always interested in new ways of playing with analytics, so when I was offered the chance to review GitGrow, I jumped at the chance. Founded by Vinita Ananth in Bangalore, the tool promises to simplify the process of extracting useful data from Google Analytics (GA) for users at all levels. There are two plans: […]

Social Sharing and Social Analytics–Swayy vs Scoop.it

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When we’re marketing online, there are three issues that concern us above all others (OK, maybe not more than world peace). These are: How to find good content to share with our audiences. Which tools to use to share that content. How to figure out our reach when we share it. I don’t know about […]

How I Gained 40 More Website Visitors with Universal Analytics

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There’s something strange happening on my website, at least according to Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) tool. Since our review when UA went into open beta a couple of months, I’ve been monitoring it to see if there are any differences in what’s being reported. There are. A quick comparison between my UA profile and the […]

Google URL Builder: How to Separate Clickable from Forgettable Links

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A couple of months ago, I wanted to check on the performance of a set of sales emails I’d sent out. But when I logged in to Google Analytics, I noticed that the traffic sources for those sales were categorized as “direct.” While I could reasonably conclude that many of those sales came from people […]

19 Key Insights into Universal Analytics


A couple of months ago, we published a quick-start guide to Google’s public beta release of Universal Analytics (UA). Now that people have had a chance to test it, how does it stack up? I scoured the Web and put together a roundup of the 19 most insightful articles and identified the key takeaways. Read […]