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Stephanie Hamilton runs a small branding and web design studio where she helps clients market their company online. Visit By Stephanie and let's collaborate to tell your brand's story. Visit the blog for more helpful design and business resources.

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3 Elements to Consider When Designing A Website Header Image


Crafting the perfect website header is critical. It’s the first place your website visitor will likely look to determine if your website can meet their needs. With this in mind, the design of the header should be appealing while allowing the user to navigate through the site seamlessly. Skipping the step of making a professional […]

3 Time-Tested Ways To Pick The Perfect Website Color Combination


Color communicates with the viewer on an emotional level. Without them being aware, the colors you choose for your web design stir up different moods with the user.  Color is the most immediate way of creating a good first impression. The challenge is to combine color while giving the website a unified and polished look. […]

6 Elements Of A Trustworthy E-Commerce Web Design


Should I trust you? That’s what e-commerce shoppers are asking as they creep closer and closer to making a purchase. You can’t blame them.  They are about to put their credit card information into your website in the hopes that you will deliver the goods. There are no hard rules about designing for e-Commerce, but […]

5 Tips For Designing Slippery Web Forms


Web forms are a basic building block of the web. They allow website visitors to input information, often during the sales or lead generation process. Some forms are barriers.  Others are a slippery slide that propels a site visitor effortlessly through the process. The difference lies in the usability of your form design. Here are […]

6 Factors Everyone Should Know About Designing Call To Action Buttons

Designing Call To Action Buttons

This is where the rubber meets the road. How well do your call-to-action buttons convert website traffic into something that benefits your business? Web and UX designers know the importance effective call-to-action buttons, but the following six factors should be understood by anyone involved in generating business from your website. What Are Call-to-Action Buttons? Call-to-action […]

5 Components of Successful Web Analytics


Having your website reach the performance levels you desire isn’t easy. It takes constant monitoring and measurement of visitor data to optimize web usage. This is where Web Analytics comes in. Not only is web analytics useful for measuring website traffic but it is also an effective tool for both business and market research. By […]

How To Grab Attention With Your Website Home Page Introduction

Optimize Home Page Introduction

The window to grab a visitors attention on your website gets a little smaller each day. If you don’t grab them by the throat with your home page introduction, chances are they are lost to cyberspace.  Courtesy of the back button. This “back button” decision is made in milliseconds. But your home page introduction can […]

The Zappos Guide to Mobile Website Design


It’s frustrating for users. They try to access a website on a mobile device, and find nothing but trouble. Smart phones and tablets aren’t going away and smart companies like Zappos are staying ahead of the curve. Zappos has been a leading online retailer for years now, and their mobile website provides ten great insights […]

6 Tricks (and Treats) That Increase Holiday Sales


This is a critical time of year for many businesses. The holidays are upon us. Through the end of the year, there will be a constant stream of holiday centered promotions both on and off-line. Halloween marks the beginning of these lucrative holidays. For marketers, the lead-up to the haunting holiday can boost sales before […]