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Stephanie Hamilton runs a small branding and web design studio where she helps clients market their company online. Visit By Stephanie and let's collaborate to tell your brand's story. Visit the blog for more helpful design and business resources.

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[Tutorial] Design a Professional Portfolio Website Using Photoshop and 960 Grid System – Part 1


In this tutorial I’ll walk you through the steps necessary to design a portfolio website to showcase your design services. We will be using Photoshop and the 960 Grid System. With some subtle textures and layer styles, you’ll see how the smallest details can work to give your portfolio website that polished look. Here’s a […]

3 iPad Design Elements You Ignore At Your Own Risk


The iPad has become a leader in mainstream computing appliances – allowing you the best there is in web, email, movies, music, and much more all in a compact aluminum and glass body. Designing for the iPad is an in-demand skill to possess and one that should be approached differently than your typical website. In […]

25 Eye-Catching Event Websites For Your Inspiration


Whether it’s a festival, conference, wedding, or sporting event — it needs a website. And event websites are a little different. A well-designed event website will: Communicate the what, where and when clearly Let site visitors know exactly how to RSVP or get a ticket Use imagery, fonts, copy, colors and more that match the […]

25 Beautiful Restaurant Website Designs That Will Have Your Mouth Watering


Dining out is an experience.  A restaurant website is often the the first stage of that experience. For the restaurateur, it is critical that the website encourage patrons to visit the restaurant. The objective of the restaurant website should be two-fold: Show off the enticing array of food Make it easy to find necessary information […]

7 Skills a Print Designer Needs To Become A Good Web Designer


The demand for web designers has surged. Whether you are a print designer looking to get into web design or someone looking to ensure that the designer you hire has web design skills, this article is for you. Many that trained in traditional print design are trying to make the transition over to the web […]

How To Design a 404 Page That Keeps Visitors On Your Site


You shouldn’t understate its utility.  The 404 page is perhaps the most neglected web design element. When your website visitors land on your 404 Page Not Found page, it can be everything from a major inconvenience to a pleasant surprise. While this page has the sole function of telling the user where to go next, […]

8 Places To Find Royalty Free Images (That haven’t been overused)


“Hey, I’ve seen that image before.  Actually, I’ve seen it many times before.” Images allow you to express what words can’t. They draw the viewer in and elicit an emotional impact, providing your users with information while confirming that what your selling or promoting is real. There are many affordable options available to purchase stock […]

How To Design a Non-Profit Website That Engages Donors and Volunteers


It’s one thing to design a beautiful non-profit website.  It’s another thing to design a non-profit website that engages donors and volunteers. Non-profit websites should consider the same usability issues as their for-profit cousins and then some. The goals of the non-profit website differ compared to a corporate site and the site design should reflect […]

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Font


You know the importance of live text in creating semantic markup that is browser compatible and improves search engine rankings. The problem is that we want our designs to be enhanced by typography, so relying on web safe fonts doesn’t always cut it. From large headlines to smaller body copy, typography has the ability to […]