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Scott Martin is a direct response copywriter based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has also written or edited 18 books including The Book of Caddyshack: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Greatest Movie Ever Made. Scott provides free resources for marketers including direct response checklists.

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Articles by this author:

The Problems You Face as a Marketer… And They’re Serious

man screaming at computer

On the “most difficult tasks on the planet” scale, I place marketing toward the top. It’s not as difficult as brain surgery or growing grass in Phoenix in July. But successful marketing is certainly more difficult than memorizing entire Shakespeare sonnets or contemplating the origin of the solar system. Marketing—specifically maximizing conversion—can be extremely difficult. […]

Attention Grabbers: 5 Essentials to Make Your Marketing Stand Out

Super car at race circuit

Even if you rarely pay attention to marketing, I’m confident you’ve heard this fact (or a variation): the average American sees or hears 3,500+ advertising and marketing messages a day. As I write, I’m in New York City and I probably see well over 5,000 messages during my waking hours. Here in the Big Apple, […]

Is Copy Dead? The Surprising Answer …

Fainted man

Poke around the Internet and you’ll find articles and blogs detailing the death of copy and, much to my chagrin, copywriters. Writing in USA Today, Michael Wolff states: “We just don’t look at advertising, respond to it, or believe it, as much as we once did, wherever it appears. Maybe this is the reason: There […]

16 Rules to Make Your Email Rock

Go! Go! Go!

Email is a lot like the fax machine. Antiquated. Totally annoying. Ugly. Taking up space. But ultimately indispensable—even in the age of Twitter. Email remains a potent and powerful marketing weapon in spite of the daily deluge of spam emails in our inboxes. The beauty of email marketing? You can test like crazy so you […]

Does Your Marketing Have Personality? Why It’s Important and How to Do It

nerdy woman

When I’m in the mood to buy a product or service, and it’s a significant purchase, I’m going to visit a website and/or visit a store. If I get to a store and the sales assistants are generally bored and disinterested, I’m walking out. If I visit a website and I get zero information about the […]

10 Tempting Reasons to Take Your Copy Seriously

Focus on the Priorities

The top copywriters earn more than top doctors. This may seem crazy as doctors save lives and copywriters put words on a page—but it’s true. According to an article in Forbes, the top paying medical specialty is orthopedic surgery with an average annual salary of $464,500; next was invasive cardiology with $461,364 per annum. That’s […]

The Pro Copywriting Trick that Gets Prospects to Say Yes

Car sale

If you’re writing copy, you’re not writing. You’re selling. And to sell a product or service, you must understand some basic selling skills. One of these is understanding your potential client. You might think you have a decent sense of who they are and you might have some demographic or psychographic data. That’s all fine, […]

10 Reasons to Use TONS of Copy on Your Landing Pages

movable type

You’ve heard the old cliché, “A picture is worth a 1,000 words.” If this saying were true in marketing, every landing page would comprise blocks and blocks of photos with very little copy. Oh wait! That’s Pinterest, not a landing page. You’ve probably noticed, the overwhelming majority of web pages don’t look like Pinterest. They […]

Why Your Marketing Generates Yawns, Not Sales

buyers ask what's in it for me

My mentor in this crazy world of direct response copywriting was Andrew Wood, also known as “The Legend.” An excellent marketer and copywriter, Andrew hired me to write some copy and he gave me a checklist… One item: Always answer the most important question the customer is asking: What’s in it for me? As a […]