About Ryan Domm-Thomas

Ryan is married, lives in North Texas and is addicted to Sudoku puzzles and Mexican food. She has been in sales for just over five years and in management for the last three. Recently, Ryan took a huge step and decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her dream of a career in writing - a job she loves with no limits!

She brings with her an excellent sense of customer service and has a passion for editing. Ryan can really “mold the words,” to ensure that the message is clearly and effectively conveyed – while still engaging your readers. Ryan has a knack for feature-benefit sales, effective marketing, and getting back to the basics. She can really connect with people on an emotional level in an effort to excite the readers!

Currently, her favorite thing to write is articles. She loves to learn the tools and techniques used in everyday business. Her goal is to learn as much as possible – and write even more! She’ll give every project her full and undivided attention to make sure your goals are accomplished and your needs are met.

Ryan is a member of AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc) and PWA (Professional Writers Alliance) and is a new addition to the team at Gillick Copy (www.gillickcopy.com). She has studied the training materials of Joshua T. Boswell as well as Mr. Ryan Healey to gain insight and knowledge. You can contact her via email for the fastest response.

Articles by this author:

Let Customers Do Your Marketing & Other Cool Uses for Testimonials

Dutch soccer supprter with plastic vuvuzela

Is your website missing a KEY ingredient to unlocking higher sales? Many websites do—and don’t even realize it. If you guessed testimonials, you guessed right. Think about it! Do you enjoy reading wordy Web pages full of dry research and statistics? I don’t. It’s… well… boring, to be quite frank. Research is invaluable. Statistics to […]

How to Use Features and Benefits to Gain Higher Conversions


You’ve likely heard about features and benefits, but do you know which one to use to get the best results—and how to do it? Well, imagine—like many other Americans—you’ve decided to stop renting and take the recommended path to purchase a home… The first thing you’ll likely do is hire a real estate agent to […]