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Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, Salesforce.com and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.

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The Only Thing Funnier Than These 90’s Websites Is A 90’s Hairdo


The 1990’s saw the end of The Cosby Show and Cabbage Patch Kids and the beginning of the original Beverly Hills 90210 and Viagra [Spammers begin clapping.] And, oh yeah, there was also this little invention called the Internet. The Internet was in its infancy and web design was… let’s just say… immature. Here are […]

11 Reasons To Use The Gravity Forms WordPress Plug-In


You might be a skeptic.  I know I was. I was getting along just fine with Contact Form 7 as my go-to contact form plug-in for WordPress.  Don’t get me wrong, Contact Form 7 is an outstanding free plug-in.  If all you need is a simple contact form plug-in, Contact Form 7 will do the […]

9 Web Design And Marketing Lessons Daddy Learned At The Grocery Store


Yep, I’m that guy. The daddy that has a 2 year-old strapped into a grocery shopping cart that looks like a car.  And god bless those goofy, oversized shopping carts.  They keep my kids entertained for 10 minutes of my 40 minute sprint through the grocery store every weekend. I want zero friction in my […]

10 WordPress Designs That Surprise, Delight and Think Outside Of The “Box”


It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have developed on WordPress for any length of time you have heard this from your clients: “All WordPress sites look like templates.  They are all ‘boxy.’ They all look the same.” It’s true.  Both you and I can usually tell a WordPress site just by looking […]

How Would You Improve This Minty Fresh Website Design?


Mint Themes is a uniquely branded WordPress theme development company from Toronto, Canada. They specialize in building WordPress themes for churches, bands and businesses. There is no mistaking the intentional use of words like fresh, clean and minty on the website.  The branding is present in every aspect of the site. We asked our Crazy […]

The Deceptive Danger Hiding In Your A/B Testing Data


It’s a dangerous game to play.  Blind trust in A/B data. Sure, data is seductive.  After all, numbers don’t lie. Using A/B testing data to make decisions about your marketing is smart, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. When numbers are the only criteria used to drive our decision making, the tactics […]

The 5-Step Beginners Guide To Choosing A Premium WordPress Theme


Build it or buy it? It’s a decision we make every day.  More and more people are choosing to buy when they set out to build a new WordPress website. And who could blame them?  Custom WordPress themes can be costly and a premium WordPress theme can look stunning right out of the box.   And […]

7 Proven Headline Formulas That Convert (And why they work)


My wife thinks I am weird. More on this in a second. First, understand that the Internet hasn’t changed everything.   The headlines that David Ogilvy and other legendary copywriters wrote for print ads and direct mail in the 1950’s are found in 21st century Twitter and RSS feeds. The art of writing headlines that convert […]

The Three Stages of Business Blog Success

Attract Retain Convert

Write this down. Chris Garrett often describes three stages of successful Internet marketing. Attract – At this stage, the goal is to get more eyeballs on your content. Retain – If you are successful at attracting eyeballs, the second step is to retain that traffic by encouraging people to opt-in to a list. Convert – […]