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Russ Henneberry is the Editorial Director at Digital Marketer. He's worked on digital marketing projects for companies like CrazyEgg, Salesforce.com and Network Solutions. You can connect with Russ on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or on his blog.

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10 Cool Google Tricks To Try When You’re Bored

Cool Google Tricks

Bored, eh? I’ve got the cure for what ails ya’.  Open a new tab and start a Googlin’. 1.  Google  ‘do a barrel roll” 2.  Google ‘zerg rush’ 3.  Google ‘the loneliest number’ 4.  Google ’tilt’ 5.  Type ‘Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California’ into Google Street View or just click on this link or […]

How To Get Click-Through Traffic on the Social Web

Click Through Traffic Social Web

Getting clicks is getting harder and harder but when done properly, the social web can create traffic and conversions for your business. Allow me to illustrate… This morning I ran across this in my Twitter feed: Three minutes later I was registered for the webinar. 8 words. 1 link. The first step in getting clicks […]

10 Recurring Appointments On The Sales Minded Webmaster’s Calendar


Whether you are a full-time webmaster or a small business owner that dons the webmaster hat along with many others, these are some activities you will want to conduct on a regular basis. The activities discussed in this post are Some of these activities should be conducted every week.  Others every month and a few […]

VOTE: Choose The Grand Prize Winner In Our Contest Here


[Voting ends Wednesday August 29th, 2012 at midnight U.S. CST] We laughed, we cried, we stroked our chins. Participants in this contest we’re asked to tweet the following: The only thing more important than website optimization is ____________. And, of course fill-in-the-blank with their response. The Prizes Four winners will win a copy of Website […]

[Contest] Win A Crazy Egg Pro Account and Website Optimization Book

Website Optimization Contest

Ok.  Fasten your seatbelts. We’ve got prizes for folks interested in conversion. Here are the prizes: Four [clever] winners will win a copy of the brand spanking new Website Optimization: An Hour A Day by Rich Page ($22 value). This is an outstanding book.  And it’s not just me who thinks so.  This book got […]

Use This “Powerful” Marketers Thesaurus To Electrify Your Writing


Wait a minute.  The title of this article paints the wrong picture. We aren’t just talking about writing blog posts or sales copy. All of the following can be improved with this marketer’s thesaurus: Email subject lines Presentation titles Event names Video scripts Podcast scripts Any time you are communicating with other humans, this thesaurus […]

9 Ways To Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment On Your eCommerce Website


Any business selling online should learn how to optimize their shopping carts so that as many customers as possible will go through with their purchases. According to a computation on Baymard.com the average abandonment rate for online shopping carts is roughly 65.23% – an overwhelming majority. So what can business owners do to ensure that […]

How George Lucas Would Write The Story Of Your Company


Good stories sell. If you look at your website analytics it will likely prove it.  You will find that one of the most visited pages on your website is your “About” page or its equivalent. In fact, if you are able to track it, you will likely find that many of your buyers visit your […]

[Checklist] 10 Elements Every ECommerce Website Should Conversion Test


One of the most frustrating things about website conversion testing is figuring out what to test. Although every website is different, ECommerce websites share some common elements that should always be tested. These elements have proven to affect sales on an eCommerce website regardless of the products or services being sold. Note that in all […]