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Kristi Hines is a freelance blogger, ghostwriter, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers.

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10 WordPress Plugins & Other Enhancements That Will Make Your Business More Social


One of the great things about using WordPress as your blogging platform or website content management system is the ability to enhance the functionality of the base system with widgets, plugins, add-ons, buttons, and other tools. These can help you do just about anything, including make your blog and your website more socially engaging. The […]

8 Stunning Facebook Landing Page Designs (And why they work)


One of the best things about Facebook Pages is the ability to have a customized landing tab. This piece of your fan page will be what new visitors to the fan page see, and it can help you increase conversions from your fan page in the form of additional likes. How is a like on […]

5 Free Tools For Finding Blog Topics That Generate Sales


So, you know you should be blogging. The top question I hear from business owners is — What should I write about? Businesses in some niches or industries may simply feel that there isn’t anything “exciting” to write about that will generate an audience. If your business has customers, it has an audience, and chances […]

How To Track Conversions Using Google Analytics Campaigns


While you can easily see common traffic sources in Google Analytics for Facebook, Twitter, or other referral domains, you might find that you want more details. Using Google Analytics campaign tracking with UTM parameters, you can find out things like which ad on Facebook, which tweet on Twitter, or which link in your newsletter actually […]

3 Steps To Boost Conversion From Social Media Profiles


It’s perhaps the most neglected aspect of social media optimization. The profile. When we create a social media profile we often do so quickly, without thinking.  This is a mistake. This is the one part of your social media profile that is always there.  It doesn’t update like your status. When a great status update […]

How to Find, Optimize, and Refine Your Keywords for Conversions


One of the overall goals of online marketing is to increase the rankings of your keywords. Unfortunately, some people get a little too concerned with rankings, and forget about the bigger picture – which of the keywords brings in the most conversions? After all, rankings don’t pay the bills.  Conversions do. If you’re targeting keywords […]

How To Use Google Analytics Goals & Advanced Segments To Measure Your Online Marketing Efforts

Use Google Analytics To Measure Online Marketing Efforts

You’ve heard it before… Online marketing is measurable.  But how? Between social media marketing, local search marketing, and other online marketing campaigns, how do you determine which ones are actually paying off?  You know that Google Analytics will give you data on visits, but what about conversions? You’re in for a treat. With just a […]