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Kristi Hines is a freelance blogger, ghostwriter, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers.

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Everything You Need to Know to Promote Your Business with Facebook Offers


You’ve likely seen Facebook Offers pop up in your news feed from major businesses offering various discounts and coupons for their products. What you may not have realized is that Facebook Offers aren’t just available to major brands — you can use them whether you’re selling a product or not. Interested? Here is everything you […]

10 Examples and 3 Tools: How to Win with New Rules for Facebook Timeline Covers


Remember all of the rules and restrictions that came along with the new Facebook Timeline covers? You couldn’t include anything in your Timeline cover photo related to pricing, contact information, calls to action, or even encourage people to like your page. Scrap that. Now, the guidelines for your cover photos state that it must be […]

How To Increase Online Sales Through Facebook Gifts


Facebook Gifts is a relatively new feature that allows businesses to offer up their products as gifts which can be purchased by Facebook users for their friends. This can be a great way to increase both your business’s exposure and sales through Facebook. In this post, we’re going to look at why you should try […]

5 Ways To Pay For Twitter Exposure


When it comes to social advertising, most of what you hear about is Facebook. Then a little about LinkedIn. But not much about Twitter. If you want to boost the visibility for your tweets, here are five ways to make it happen plus the pros and cons of each. As a disclaimer, note that you […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Creating and Promoting Infographics

Almost Awesome Blog Posts

Ready to add infographics to your content marketing mix in 2013? Here’s the beginner’s guide that will walk you step-by-step from the why to the how of this red-hot new marketing trend — infographics. Why Infographics? Some people consider them just a passing fad.  The truth is that, in many cases, infographics are a superior […]

How To Create Infographics: 20+ Resources To Get You Started

How To Create Infographics

Ready to learn how to create amazing infographics that drive links, social shares, and traffic back to your website? The following are over 20 resources that will get you started creating info graphics including tools, designers, crowdsourcing venues, freelancers, and consultants. Infographic Design Tools for Template Based Infographics The following are free and premium tools […]

5 Things To Do Before Your Big Guest Post Gets Published

Big Guest Post

What would happen if you got a huge burst of traffic to your website today? Guest blogging is a great way to drive new visits to your website.  But before you get that guest post on a major blog in your industry published, you should make sure you’ve done these things. Ensure Your Server or […]

32 Marketers Weigh In On The Future of Internet Marketing

2013 Internet Marketing Predictions

It’s December folks and you know what that means. Time for 2013 predictions. We asked some real “in the trenches” online marketers where they see Internet marketing heading in 2013 – here is what they had to say! Ruth Zive of MarketingWise, Inc. It’s all about flipping that sales funnel – letting your stakeholders herald […]

17 Of The Best Conversion Optimization Blogs On The Internet


Looking to boost your knowledge about conversion rate optimization?  Here on The Daily Egg, we publish quite a bit on conversion optimization. And here are 17 blogs (in no particular order) that also regularly cover conversion optimization topics written by conversion rate optimization experts. Add your favorites in the comments section below. WiderFunnel Conversion Rate […]