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Kathryn Aragon, former editor of The Daily Egg, trains service-based businesses to use content for credibility, traffic and growth. Visit KathrynAragon.com for details and membership information.

Kathryn is an award-winning marketer & writer, author, and coach who uses her 20+ years of experience in writing and publishing to help businesses develop a content strategy that drives traffic and sales.

When she's not wrangling with words or hanging out with content geeks, you'll probably find her reading or relaxing with her family.

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Articles by this author:

How to Be a Crowdsourcing Rock Star (The Easy Way to Go Viral)


You’ve heard of crowdsourcing content, I suppose. But have you given any thought to how well it can work to build community and help you go viral? As a content creator, I knew it was a good way to create content. But I hadn’t given it much thought to its ability to go viral—until my […]

No More Guesswork: 5 Website Formats Proven to Get Results


Creating a high-performance website doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a lot of strategic thought. Oddly enough, we often fall short of real success, not because we’re written bad copy or made the wrong offer, but because we simply use the wrong website format. How do you know the best structure to use? According to […]

The Apple Standard: 6 Guiding Principles for a Better Web Experience

apple development

Sometimes we look at a big brand like Apple, and we know there are behind-the-scenes decisions that make that brand what it is — but we rarely get to see what they are. Recently, I ran across Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, and I struck by the attention to detail that this company puts into everything […]

21 Call to Action Examples and 3 Rules for Effective CTAs

Act Now - Red Button

I started this article looking for 101 call to action examples. My plan was to review the all-time great copywriting controls and find the calls to action that made them so effective. After all, they were written by the historical greats. But I hadn’t read more than a handful of mailings when I discovered something […]

4 Optimization Pros Critique an HP Landing Page

web design trend

We tend to think that Big Business, with all its resources, has a big advantage when it comes to marketing. But today, we’re challenging that assumption by asking four conversion optimization experts to critique a landing page by HP. HP begins the campaign with an ad placed at the bottom of a customer email. Click […]

Design + Copy: The Sum Is Greater Than the Parts

sum is greater than parts

Sometimes the sum is greater than the parts. This is one of those times. Yes, good copy and a driving message are important to conversions. But your website’s design can make or break that copy. People are visual, and knowing that, you can tap into some powerful techniques that combine a strong message with aesthetics […]

How to Make Effective Calls to Action in Every Channel

improve results

You’ve heard it before. No communication should ever leave your office without a call to action. Every page… every email… even your Facebook posts… need one. What does that mean? It means you need a game plan that details the path customers should take as they move through your funnel. You need to be crystal […]

Perception Is Reality, and Other Marketing Truisms

marketing automation

Recently, I changed up The Daily Egg’s newsletter, taking it from daily to weekly. To some that may look like an arbitrary decision based on personal choice. To others it may appear to be a reaction to a few complainers. But random as it may look, there’s actually a lot of thought that goes into […]

The Secret to High-Impact Sales Copy (Hint: Your Customers Already Use It)

inforgraphic design

I have bad news and good news. First the bad: It doesn’t matter how good your sales copy, it doesn’t really sell. Which means all that work: the well-chosen words, the descriptions, and especially your lists of features and benefits… they aren’t doing the job. Now for the good news: Your customers don’t need a […]