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Kathryn Aragon, former editor of The Daily Egg, trains service-based businesses to use content for credibility, traffic and growth. Visit KathrynAragon.com for details and membership information.

Kathryn is an award-winning marketer & writer, author, and coach who uses her 20+ years of experience in writing and publishing to help businesses develop a content strategy that drives traffic and sales.

When she's not wrangling with words or hanging out with content geeks, you'll probably find her reading or relaxing with her family.

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3 Stealthy Ways to Power-Up Your Contact Forms


When it comes to lead generation, you need the funnel to be as slick as possible… With no leaks and no stops on the way to conversion. My friends over at Singlehop have created an infographic that gives three sneaky ways to get your funnel in shape. Reduce the number of fields. Build trust. Improve […]

Eye Tracking 101: How Your Eyes Move on a Website

eye tracking

Putting together a great looking website is a great start, but it is just a start. True web design requires you to venture beyond the aesthetic and into the worlds of User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimization. Knowing how the viewers of your site really see it can help to shine light on new and/or […]

10 Ways to Speed Up Your Website – and Improve Conversion by 7%

speed up your website

Think the speed of your website doesn’t matter? Think again. A 1-second delay in page load time yields: 11% fewer page views 16% decrease in customer satisfaction 7% loss in conversions (source: Aberdeen Group) Amazon found this to be true, reporting increased revenue of 1% for every 100 milliseconds improvement to their site speed. (source: Amazon) […]

What Conversion Tactics Will Make the Biggest Bottom-Line Difference in 2014?

nouvelles technologie de l'internet

Yesterday, I told you about 13 Conversion Optimization experts you need to follow. Today, I want to share their top tips for getting better marketing results in the new year. What do you need to pay attention to for better digital marketing? Keep reading to find out… 14 Conversion Tips that Will Matter Most in […]

14 Conversion Experts You Should Be Following in 2014


What works in digital marketing today? There’s no easy answer to that question. The truth is, what works today may not work tomorrow, because the rules change on a daily basis. So if you want to improve your website’s performance, you need to keep up with the newest developments. And to do that, you need […]

Crazy Egg’s Hard-Boiled Guide to Holiday eCommerce

holiday guide

Have you ever wished you could have a direct, easy-to-follow guide to improve your site and increase conversion rates over the holidays? The race to grab the attention of your best customers is on, and by starting early, you can reap the financial rewards of holiday shopping readiness. Thankfully, we can help. Introducing the…

Why Your Web Project Was a Waste of Time – And What to Do About It

graph of falling market

I’ve worked on a lot of website projects.  And I’ve seen the typical process… The strategy meetings and planning sessions, the writing and design, and endless rounds of revision… Only to end up with a website that, sure, looks pretty, but doesn’t actually perform any better than the original. And do you know the biggest […]

Do Emotions Sell? Or Are They Just Entertainment?

emotions sell

Most of us don’t like over-hyped sales pitches. We avoid used car salesmen…. We fast forward through commercials…. We exit sales pages that appear to scream at us. But what about emotional advertising? The other day I saw an ad in Facebook. Not a paid ad in the sidebar. It was in my stream with […]

The Essence of SEO: What Is High-Quality Content?


In the wake of Google’s Hummingbird update (and all the other animal-related updates too), there’s one question that needs to be revisited… What exactly is high-quality content? To answer that question, you can’t simply talk about content marketing. You have to understand Google’s ultimate aim for search. Let take a deeper look at search, how […]