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Kathryn Aragon, former editor of The Daily Egg, trains service-based businesses to use content for credibility, traffic and growth. Visit KathrynAragon.com for details and membership information.

Kathryn is an award-winning marketer & writer, author, and coach who uses her 20+ years of experience in writing and publishing to help businesses develop a content strategy that drives traffic and sales.

When she's not wrangling with words or hanging out with content geeks, you'll probably find her reading or relaxing with her family.

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14 Tips for Improving Your Responsive Email Design

responsive smart phone

If mobile design wasn’t your first priority already, it should be now. Not only are most of your customers opening their emails on a mobile device, they’re clicking through to your website and often making purchases while on the go as well. How do you optimize your email design to work perfectly on mobile?

How to Reverse Engineer a High-Converting Landing Page

Conversion Optimization: Test

Designing a landing page is hard. And sometimes, the more you know, the more difficult it is. You know all the elements that should be on a page, and you know what kind of results you ought to be getting. But where do you start?

The A/B and Cs of Email Campaign Testing

ab testing emails feature

The foundation of conversion rate optimization is testing… Testing your offers. Testing your messaging. Testing your web pages and other touch points. Today, we look at how you can test your email campaigns, with an infographic, courtesy of EmailMonks, that walks you through the process. But first, secure your seat in our webinar today, featuring […]

Drive Revenue by 33% with This Oft-Forgotten Email

03 - emailmonks_transactionalemail_feature2

Transactional emails. Boring topic, right? Not on your life. Transactional emails are the updates you send your customers—the ones that welcome them to your site, send them their login credentials, confirm a purchase, or other information that verifies a transaction—and they’re ripe for optimization. In most cases, these emails are automated, which is why they’re […]

Bootstrap: Design the Ideal Experience for Your Website


Usability is a big part of conversion rate optimization, so it pays to get it right. You’ve got to design pages that are easy to use and keep people engaged. Otherwise, how will you get them to browse your site and respond to offers? The gold standard is

Could This Be the Perfect WordPress Theme?

Upfront theme, Spirit

Is there such a thing as the perfect WordPress theme? Until now, I would have told you that was impossible. But now… James Farmer, CEO of Edublogs and IncSub, recently showed me a new WordPress theme that actually took my breath away. And I have to tell you, I’m seriously considering a site redesign. (That’s […]

Conversion Goal? It Depends on Your Business Model

Traffic conversion flat illustration concept

When you hear the term conversion rate optimization, what comes to mind? If you’re like most marketers, you probably think sales. And of course, from a business perspective, that’s the bottom line. We all want sales. But if you think about it, there are a lot of small milestones that precede the final sales. And […]

The Anatomy of a Website that’s Optimized for Conversions

website design feature

Conversion rate optimization is about optimizing existing traffic on your website. But what if you’re in the design phase of a new website? Can you design your website to be CRO-ready from day one—so it’s already set up to optimize your conversion rates? The key is to get the basic framework in place. The elements that […]

Creative Unsubscribes: How to Minimize Opt-outs to Your Email List

emailmonks - creative unsubscribes feature

Fact: More than a third of email subscribers who opt out of a list do so because they’re unhappy with the sender’s obnoxious frequency zeal. Let’s face it, our email address is valuable. We don’t want brands flooding our inbox with promotions that aren’t relevant or useful. As a marketer, it’s hard to get it right. Even […]