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Joanna Xu works on the marketing team at WhatRunsWhere, a competitive intelligence platform for digital advertisers. When she's not digging up the latest industry news and spreading the word about WhatRunsWhere, she can be found eating salty snacks.

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Are You Using Quora in Your Social Strategy? 8 Tips to Do It Right


Quora is like the mature, authoritative big brother of Yahoo Answers. On this platform, users can ask questions, tag them by a number of self-defined categories, and answer. Plus, there’s no longer the issue of getting dubious answers from rockerdude3628—users are required to verify their names and can add bylines identifying their expertise in the […]

Harness the Power of Your Customers for Better Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing may seem like a one-way street; after all, you’re the one who’s spending valuable time writing creative copy and building attractive layouts, right? Actually, you can collect plenty of content and information from your customers to enhance your email campaigns, spread the message, and obtain valuable feedback for fine-tuning. Here are 6 unusual […]