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Why the Landing Page of the 2011 App of the Year Is Just “Okay”

Landing Page Analysis of Instagram

Ever walk into a sushi bar with your date and think twice about staying? I mean, the wallpaper is old, the music is creepy, the wait staff doesn’t notice you and the place looks abandoned. If that was me, I’d look at my wife, grab her arm and march right out of there. Online that real-world […]

8 Brilliant Examples Of Social Proof On The Web


Aileen Lee got it right: social proof is the new marketing. But this really shouldn’t be any surprise to any of us. When the Internet leveled the playing field and took away big advertisers’ information edge…we stopped believing what they said and started looking for others to tell us what we should do, buy or […]

The Sexiest Way to Make So Much Money It Scares You

Sexiest Way To Make Money

It starts with the copy. Copy so irresistible that readers rush hot and heavy through your sales letter…begging to do whatever it is you want them to do. Buy, donate or subscribe. It doesn’t matter. They want to do it. But not everyone can write sales letters like that. Unless you know the three appeals that are […]

10 Idiot-Proof Ways To Generate Trust With Your Landing Page Copy


Landing pages are those web pages specifically designed to perform one task…it could be to sell your product, encourage people to sign up for an email newsletter or recommend an event. No matter the purpose, however, a landing page must build trust from the very beginning and never let up. The moment it does, your […]

Everything You Need to Know about Writing Seductive Offers in 7 Steps


Ever wonder what it is about those offers that you simply can’t refuse? Whether it’s a Groupon email offering a weekend of horse backing for mere change or the restaurant promoting Tuesday as the night children eat free…these offers have a lot in common. In fact, seven things in common. And if you’re a writer […]

Gimpy Web Copy? Use This 4-Step Formula to Make It Killer


Creating great copy is not hard. In fact, it’s quite easy. That is, if you understand four simple words. If you summarized every single book and article written on copy, you’d get these four words. In fact, someone consolidated all this knowledge into one simple, sticky formula… And if you use this formula anything you […]

The 10 Most Unique Blogs of 2011


Well, it’s officially the final month of 2011. As we cross the threshold into 2012, one thing is for certain, blogging is no longer a novel idea. There are millions of blogs online and thousands of posts go live each day. To stand out, you have to do something different. Ever wonder what makes a […]

The Copywriting List: What Copywriters Have in Common with Jockeys


Part of the Sales Letter Makeover series. “You just had to let him run his race … and if he decided to win it, you’d better hold on because you’d be moving faster than a train.” That’s Willie Shoemaker talking about Silky Sullivan, the popular California horse that Willie rode to hundreds of wins. At […]

The 3 Ways a Sales Letter Can Fail (and How to Avoid Each)

Ways a Sales Letter Can Fail

Sales letters are an essential part of promoting products. And depending on the product, sales letters can be either simple or complex. For example, an e-mail newsletter is a pretty simple product. You don’t have to devote a lot of space to selling it, especially if it’s free. Bookkeeping software such as Quickbooks, on the other […]