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Could This Old Bible Study Method Be the Key to Irresistible Web Copy?


In the late nineteenth century, Professor William Cleaver Wilkinson made popular the 3 Ws: What? Why? What of it? when it came to studying the Bible. Eventually newspaper reporters noticed the usefulness of this method in researching and writing a news story, and eventually expanded the 3 Ws to the 5 Ws: Who Where When […]

13 Experts on the Single Best Piece of Advice for Improving Conversion


Listen: you don’t need double digit jumps in conversion percentages to get more traffic through your search listings, more subscribers to your email newsletter or more sales off of your product landing page. Often just a three or four percent jump can lead to significant increases in traffic, leads and sales. Furthermore, the changes you […]

5 Simple Ways to Use Storify to Build Your Brand


So. You’ve got your blog. You’ve got your Twitter. You’ve got your Facebook and your Google+. You’re set, right, to build your brand? To wow people with your brilliance and show them what you can do? Not so fast. While those social media platforms are essential to building a brand online, the one thing that […]

A Content Marketer’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Killing It with Google+


I hate it when people make predictions about the outcomes of events with an air of certainty. Stock market. Super Bowls. Weather. Because when it comes to making predictions, our rate of success usually stinks. This is why I was rolling my eyes when Brian Clark announced back in January that Google+ will become a tool […]

How Compelling Is Your Website’s Copy? A Simple, 4-Step Checklist


While most of us spend a lot of time fussing over the design of our website–making sure the color will create the right emotion or the call-to-action button is positioned effectively–we often neglect the copy. We figure we’ll hire someone to write that. And cross our fingers that he or she knows how to seduce […]

Pretend You Are a Mute Salesman and 3 Other Tips to Help Your Landing Page Convert


We all love to see a beautiful landing page. The design, the colors, the grid. But beauty alone isn’t going to make that landing page sell. In fact, a beautiful landing page may actually suck at converting visitors to subscribers or paying customers. To make it sell you need something more. You need to use […]

The Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive on Becoming a Big Shot Blogger


Ever wanted a fool-proof way to build a blog that people can’t ignore and will flock to even if they don’t want to?

Wanna Guess Which 2012 Presidential Candidate Wants Your Email Address the Most?

Presidential Campaign Online Marketing

Let’s do a little test: Take a look at Mitt Romney’s website. If you visited this page, what would you do? Would you hand over your name and email addy?  Or hit the back button? What I Love and Hate about Romney’s Landing Page The tight-fisted, hard-nosed marketer in me likes the landing page. Forty […]

You Might Not Be the Kind of Person Who Can Use This Copywriting Trick


No one likes to be on the wrong side of the velvet rope. NO ONE likes to be excluded. In fact, we all dream of being on the other side…the exclusive side. We all want to stand out as special, significant and superior in some way. We want to be treated like royalty. A rock […]