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Danny Iny(@DannyIny) skyrocketed his industry-leading marketing blog to success by writing 80+ guest posts on major blogs in less than a year (earning him the nickname “The Freddy Krueger of Blogging”). Now he teaches others how to do the same in his Write Like Freddy blog writing training program.

Articles by this author:

How To Create The Winning Angle For Your Content Every Time


 Wondering what to write about? If you are, you aren’t alone. Countless bloggers wonder the same thing as they sit in front of a blank screen and wait for inspiration to strike. It’s an important question, after all; what you write about will determine whether your post will be read and shared, or sit in […]

How To Design an E-Book That Gets Downloaded, Read, and Shared


Nice-looking site? Check. Mailing list software and follow-up messages? Check. Good opt-in rates thanks to a compelling free offer? No? Then this post is for you. The knee-jerk reaction that most people have in this situation is to write up a quick and dirty “seven steps to whatever” e-book, save it as a PDF, and […]

How to Turn Tweets and Likes into Dollars


What is a follower worth? What about a Like? Or a share? Or the newer, cooler +1? The prevailing wisdom in social media seems to be that one way or another, social attention will eventually convert into buying action – the new spin on the old “if you build it, they will come” line from […]