What Is The Future of Flash in Web Design?


Flash has always had its place at the table. But is there any future for Flash in web design? We asked our Crazy Egg Web Design Experts what they think about the future of Flash in designing websites. ♦♦♦ I avoid using Flash in designs. I can’t remember the last time that Flash was the […]

The Very First Steps To Increasing Web Sales


That’s the goal right? Forget traffic and retweets.  Google rankings and Facebook “Likes.” Increase my web sales every day of the week and twice on Sundays.  But how do you get started? We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts the first steps they take in increasing web sales: ♦♦♦ Before I focus on conversion optimization, […]

How To Choose The Right CMS For A Web Design Project


Platform is critical. If you choose the wrong Content Management System (CMS) for a web design project, you could add hours of development time to the project.  And that might be the best possible outcome.  This kind of mistake could kill a web design project, causing stakeholders on both sides a lot of grief. We […]

Which Browser Compatibility Tools Do The Pros Use To Test Websites?


It’s getting crazy out there. Testing how a website appears in the multitude of browsers available at the different screen sizes available can be difficult to do without a good tool. We asked our Crazy Egg Web Design experts which tools they use to test their web designs. If you have a good tool that […]

Answered: Does Offering Website Visitors a Freebie Lead To Increased Sales?

does free work?

I get this question all the time: Should I give something away for free?  Does it lead to increased sales?  What should I offer for free? We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts if they think freebies are a good idea and, if so, what do they suggest giving away for free. ♦♦♦ It depends […]

Is The “Long Copy” Sales Page A Thing of the Past?


Do those epic 5,000 word sales pages with the big, colorful BUY NOW buttons work? You might be surprised to hear the answers. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts whether the long copy sales page is dead? ♦♦♦ It depends on what you’re writing for. I subscribe to the theory that copy should only […]

How To Create Sticky Landing Pages That Convert

Create Sticky Landing Pages

Successful web conversion is tricky business. Your site visitors are constantly subject to distractions.  As a marketer, your responsibility is to create a direct path to the conversion.  Adding twists and turns only when they increase conversion, not when they distract prospects from your landing pages. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts what they […]

How 7 Web Design Professionals Keep Projects Within Scope

Keep Web Design Projects Within Scope

My wife does it to me all the time. We set out to paint the living room.  While we’re at it, we might as well paint the hallway right? Heck, if we’re going to do the hallway, we might as well repaint the bathroom too.  If we are going to get all the painting stuff […]

The First Thing To Do When Preparing To Write a Sales Page


Things just work better when there is a process. Socks or pants first?  You probably do it the same way when you prepare for a new day.  It works for you. Preparing to write a sales page is a process. We asked our Crazy Egg Marketing Experts the first thing they do when preparing to […]