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Chris Goward founded WiderFunnel with the belief that digital agencies should prove the value they bring. They’ve developed conversion optimization programs for clients like Google, Electronic Arts, SAP, and Shutterfly. His bestselling book, "You Should Test That," published by Wiley, redefined conversion rate optimization and shows how to create dramatic business improvements and gain marketing insights. You should find out about his company, WiderFunnel, and follow him on Twitter at @chrisgoward

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How a Pro CRO Uses Crazy Egg Heatmaps to Drive 15.7% More Sales

heatmap 1

Think about the last time you had an intense disagreement with a close friend or partner. Can you think of one? Remember the most intense part of the fight. At some point this person might have said, “Nevermind. It’s fine.” But, it wasn’t fine. You both knew it. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. […]

Never Redesign Your Website Without This Strategy!

Booking.com ESR opportunities

Since the dawn of the web age, companies have been trapped in the website redesign cycle. Every five years or so, a CXO decides the site design is looking “tired” and needs to be re-thought. Often the company pays little consideration to whether the new design will improve results. “It’s new,” they’ll think, “so it […]