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How To Make Someone An Offer They Have Never Refused


The work of Robert Cialdini is a favorite among marketers. Here at The Daily Egg, we’ve discussed his work several times. Perhaps his most popular work is the book “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. In that book, he lists six principles of influence. One of those principles is consistency. Like many of the weapons of […]

Do You Take Advantage of These 5 Landing Page Hot Spots?

Landing Page Hot Spots

There are a handful of landing page elements that never fail to draw a visitor’s attention. If you take full advantage of these “hot spots”, you can create a more engaging landing page. What are these hot spots? Here are five: #1 – The Hero Shot The “hero shot” is a large, high quality image […]

Three Testing Strategies For Sophomore Conversion Testers


Change the color of your call-to-action button.  Test a new headline.  Swap this hero image for that hero image. Been there, done that. Try these three conversion testing methods for Conversion Testing sophomores. #1 – Blow it up, start from scratch Instead of pursuing split tests on specific site elements – such as the headline […]

How To Tell Stories That Transform Prospects Into Customers

Transform Prospects Into Paying Customers

Using stories in persuasion has been recommended by renowned marketers like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki. Tell a compelling narrative, and people are more likely to buy. But is this really true? If so, why do stories work so well? According to research by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock at Ohio State University, story is […]

Get The Action You Want On Your Website Using These Four Visual Cues


Not seeing the action you want on your website? If you’re not leading your website visitors to take specific actions, they’ll just randomly browse through your pages, look at odd text and icons, then leave without buying anything. The good news is that, if you carefully direct your user’s experience through your site, you can […]

How to Use “Filter Words” to Attract the Customers You Want (and Repel the Rest)

Using Filter Words

This is not for you. What would you do if a company told you that about their products? What would you say if a salesperson said this to you as you were picking an item off the shelf? Maybe you’ll get offended. Maybe you’ll think the store is elitist and snobbish. But, one thing’s for […]