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Babar Suleman (MFA, Parsons School of Design; Fulbright Scholar) is a visual storyteller and an experience designer. He is interested in the interplay of words and visuals in the communication process and uses his diverse experience as a writer and designer to create meaningful user experiences and effective branding strategies.

Babar has also studied Business, worked extensively in Marketing and has recently moved into writing and directing for the screen and stage.

You can contact Babar at his official website or on the social media channels below.

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Articles by this author:

12 Web Design Changes That Improve Website Bounce Rates


Your website gets a lot of traffic.  But that traffic doesn’t stick around.  Sound familiar? Every day internet users visit millions of web pages but don’t spend more than a few seconds on the majority of them. They land on a page, skim it briefly and move on. The ‘Bounce Rate’ is a measure of […]

8 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Web Design

Effective Web Design

In the relatively old days, there was just one simple question: is the page converting or not? Today, thanks to measures like CrazyEgg, we can go a level deeper and evaluate the page in terms of every one of its elements: Which components convert and which don’t? Where should the copy be placed and why? […]

25 Exciting And Effective Infographic Designs


We have already discussed the essentials and rules of great infographic design and now it’s time to see those tips at work! Here are 25 outstanding infographics from all over the Internet that embody everything that makes data visualization so exciting and effective. Tell us which ones are your favorites (and why) and feel free […]

Infographics: How to Strike the Elusive Balance between Data and Visualization


They started out as a social media experiment and then suddenly everyone wanted a piece. A couple years back, if you dropped the word ‘Infographic’ or ‘Dataviz’ in a conversation, you would have been greeted by a good number of confused looks even if you were among other web designers. Today, so many infographics have […]

What’s Your Type? The 5-Step Guide to Finding the Right Font


The way you say some thing is just as important as what you say. It is therefore unfortunate that even today a number of designers continue to paint every ‘elegant’ message with Monotype Corsiva and every ‘fun’ announcement with Comic Sans. Typography, the art and science of typefaces, is one of the most important aspects […]

11 Reasons Adobe Fireworks Is The Best Design Software You Never Use


Here is a snapshot of a fully functional web page, a detailed infographic and a print-ready data sheet. Any guesses on what they all have in common? All three of these pieces were created using just one piece of software: Adobe Fireworks. Now some of you might already be familiar with Fireworks, others will know […]

The Real Loser: When Designers and Copywriters Duke It Out

Copywriters and Designers

Are you ready to pick a side? The battle starts in 3. 2. 1… Meet the DESIGNER:  He talks with visuals, loves clean lines, doesn’t have a lot of use for words and believes that text is, by definition, tedious and unattractive. Now say ‘Hi’ to the COPYWRITER:  He believes in the power of words, […]