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Babar Suleman (MFA, Parsons School of Design; Fulbright Scholar) is a visual storyteller and an experience designer. He is interested in the interplay of words and visuals in the communication process and uses his diverse experience as a writer and designer to create meaningful user experiences and effective branding strategies.

Babar has also studied Business, worked extensively in Marketing and has recently moved into writing and directing for the screen and stage.

You can contact Babar at his official website or on the social media channels below.

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Articles by this author:

Introducing Muse: Why Adobe’s New Design Tool is Worthy of Your Attention


Here is a distinction I always make clear to my clients from the get go: ‘I’m a designer. Not a developer.’ It is important for me to state this because I couldn’t write code if my life depended on it. Ok, so I may be exaggerating a little. Even so, a general understanding of webpage […]

5 Ways To Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Website Design and Copy


We all love a good story. Our lives are filled with millions of stories- historical and factual, mythological and fantastical, personal and public, long and short. Stories are how we make sense of the world around us, gain knowledge and insights, get inspired and situate our own existence in the overwhelming narrative around us. Stories […]

Surprise! The Next Design Revolution Is Brought To You By Microsoft


Remember how the Mac fan boys used to turn their nose up and anything and everything Microsoft? Well, they are under a lot of heat right now. Just as Apple finally became bigger than Microsoft, Microsoft has turned the tables and come back swinging. The web has been abuzz since the new ‘Metro UI’ has […]

9 Web Trends Foreshadowed By Time Magazine’s 2011 Best Websites


Time magazine’s list of the 50 best websites is always indicative of the trends that are hot (and lucrative) on the web.  The 2011 award winners were no different.  An analysis of the honored websites of yesteryear reveal nine (and surely more) trends that have had serious staying power in 2012. Time’s 2011 selections are […]

The 9 Psychological Tricks That Make Visitors Convert


The relationship between marketing and psychology is as old as the fields themselves. Business graduates are required to take Psychology and Consumer Behavior courses so that they can better understand the concepts and processes that determine successful products and sales strategies. Similarly, visitor psyche also plays a vital role in driving conversion. Identifying the stimuli, […]

6 Important Web Design and Usability Trends Sparked By Pinterest


Everyone wants the Pinterest look. The visual bookmarking turned social networking website is currently having the same effect on web design that a certain hairstyle from Friends had on the hair industry and Apple’s revolutionary engineering had on product design. For those who are still somehow unaware of what Pinterest is, it’s an online pinboard […]

The 7-Step Guide for Creating an Effective Web-Ready Logo


There is nothing more important than your identity. Your logo is the visual identity of your business that reflects and represents everything you are.  It is of immense importance and value to your business even if it does not have a numerical ROI. But, unfortunately, logo design is still an underrated business aspect that is […]

7 Visual Design Tips and Tricks that Boost Conversion


Your visitors have ADD. Well, not literally but they do share some characteristics with people who suffer from ADD (Attention-deficit disorder): They are inattentive, easily distracted, don’t like to do things right away and forget all about coming back. All of which spell doom for your landing page. It’s not just your fault though: The […]

6 Simple Ways to Gear Up And Get Inspired For Your Next Web Design


For most of us, getting started is the hardest part. The dreaded ‘blank canvas’ is sometimes daunting and no amount of hair pulling and coffee servings seem to be helping. Here are 6 simple ways to jumpstart your creative process: 1. Let the Colors Guide You Good design captures purpose and mood. That’s why a […]