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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest, co-founder of ViralContentBuzz and Brand manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

Ann is an active blogger, huge proponent of Google Authorship and a very active Twitter user. MyBlogGuest is the guest blogging community that stays up-to-date with most recent blogging trends. MyBlogGuest newest feature is Google Authorship for bloggers. You can read more about my story of MyBlogGuest here.

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Articles by this author:

How To Set and Run a Hashtag-Driven Twitter Chat

twitter chat

Tweetchats are pretty much the best thing ever: the way of both utilizing a fairly recent form of social media, while incorporating an all-but-dead concept of communication (the chatroom), it gives us the best of old and new, then and now. A Twitter chat is a logical extension of your hashtag marketing strategy because any […]

Hashtag Marketing 102: 16 Best Hashtag Marketing Tools

hashtag series feature img

Hashtag marketing is a primary method of getting word out and reaching new channels. Events, Twitter profiles, trending topics, marketing campaigns and more can be covered by a single hashtag, which can now be used on sites all across the web. In my last Crazy Egg article, I took a look at how hashtags are […]

Hashtag Marketing 101: Keyword Research in the Social Media Era

research marketing3

The hashtag has become more than a useful tool, it has become a symbol of the modern age. You can see it almost everywhere, from different websites to real life. This skit with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake is the perfect illustration… As we marketers tend to adopt any trend under the sun, it’s quite natural hashtag […]