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Adam is the owner of Words That Click, an online marketing company named one of the “Best Marketing Firms” by St Louis Small Business Monthly. He’s an online marketing strategist for small and mid sized businesses who focuses not just on driving traffic to websites but, more importantly, on converting that traffic to leads and sales.

Adam got his start in online marketing while running a drug testing company. It was there he discovered the power of Google AdWords as a way to drive targeted web traffic and as a potent market research tool. It didn’t take him long to realize it’s much more fun helping business owners grow their businesses online than trying to track down drug users.

Adam is also the co-founder of the Main Street Marketing Community (an organization dedicated to educating small, local business owners about online marketing), is a member of Expert4Entrepreneurs, has been featured on NBC and ABC TV as an online marketing expert, and was named to a list of “20 Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy” along with Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer and Alan Weiss.

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Articles by this author:

How to Make Money With Facebook Ads, Part 1


You’ve seen them before… …you may not know much about them, but they certainly seem to know a lot about you… …so much so that that you’ve probably been creeped out by them at times. No, I’m not talking about your spouse’s co-workers, I’m talking about Facebook ads. The paid ads on Facebook are located […]

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Cheap Internet Marketing Testing Method

I got my start in Internet marketing because of drugs. Before you get the wrong idea though, it’s not how you think. See, I was president of a small drug testing company that sold a CSI-like device called DrugWipe. With DrugWipe you swipe a surface and within 5 minutes tell if someone who had touched […]

How “You” Will Generate Customers From Your About Us Page

About Us Page

It’s the most common mistake businesses make in marketing. Looking in the mirror too often.  Focusing on yourself instead of the customer. And the About Us page is the poster child for this mistake. On nearly every website, the About Us page is among the most visited pages.  It is often visited at that critical […]