About Adam Kreitman

Adam is the owner of Words That Click, an online marketing company named one of the “Best Marketing Firms” by St Louis Small Business Monthly. He’s an online marketing strategist for small and mid sized businesses who focuses not just on driving traffic to websites but, more importantly, on converting that traffic to leads and sales.

Adam got his start in online marketing while running a drug testing company. It was there he discovered the power of Google AdWords as a way to drive targeted web traffic and as a potent market research tool. It didn’t take him long to realize it’s much more fun helping business owners grow their businesses online than trying to track down drug users.

Adam is also the co-founder of the Main Street Marketing Community (an organization dedicated to educating small, local business owners about online marketing), is a member of Expert4Entrepreneurs, has been featured on NBC and ABC TV as an online marketing expert, and was named to a list of “20 Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy” along with Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer and Alan Weiss.

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Meal times are not fun at our house. Besides literally being allergic to more foods than not, my daughter is a VERY finicky eater. That leaves about 5 food options that she’ll willingly eat without making a fuss. What I’ve discovered in trying every trick in the book to inject some variety into her diet […]

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This article may get me in trouble at home. But since I have a very understanding wife (who will hopefully never read this), I’d like to tell you about two of the best marketing books I’ve read in the last few years. The catch is they’re not about marketing at all. They’re about picking up […]

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“Why should I believe you?” There are a lot of questions going through a prospect’s mind when they come to your website. And this is one of the biggies you have to answer (and answer well!) because your prospects are… Numb from being slammed by hundreds of marketing messages each day. Pissed off because they’ve […]

11 Successful AdWords Ads and Why They Crush the Competition


You don’t get much space. 25 characters for the headline. 70 characters of ad text. 35 characters for the Display URL. That’s it. I’m talking of course about those little ads you see whenever you do a search on Google. Some businesses are able to phenomenally successful AdWords ads while others have failed miserably. Ultimately, […]

4 Web Page Elements I’d Pick Over Good Design Any Day (and Twice on Sunday)

Elements I Would Choose Over Web Design

Before the hate mail starts rolling in, I’d like to make it clear that the point of this post is not to minimize the importance of good web design. I strongly believe design is a critical component of a successful website. But if I were to rank the elements I’d want on a web page […]

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So how do you make money with Facebook ads? Last month we looked at the opportunity that is Facebook paid advertising. We left off with the first step in the conversion process…getting someone to click on your ad. So now that you got the click, what’s next? Well, the secret here is that with Facebook, […]