About Adam Kreitman

Adam is the owner of Words That Click, an online marketing company named one of the “Best Marketing Firms” by St Louis Small Business Monthly. He’s an online marketing strategist for small and mid sized businesses who focuses not just on driving traffic to websites but, more importantly, on converting that traffic to leads and sales.

Adam got his start in online marketing while running a drug testing company. It was there he discovered the power of Google AdWords as a way to drive targeted web traffic and as a potent market research tool. It didn’t take him long to realize it’s much more fun helping business owners grow their businesses online than trying to track down drug users.

Adam is also the co-founder of the Main Street Marketing Community (an organization dedicated to educating small, local business owners about online marketing), is a member of Expert4Entrepreneurs, has been featured on NBC and ABC TV as an online marketing expert, and was named to a list of “20 Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy” along with Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer and Alan Weiss.

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Customize Social Media Profiles

This might surprise you. If you’ve been involved in marketing for any length of time you know that stories sell. But the most important stories are not the stories you tell about yourself, your company and/or your product or service (though they are important). It’s the stories going on inside the heads of your customers […]

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3 Local SEO Tools That Are Flying Under The Radar

Local SEO Tools

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Those of us who spend most of our days online tend to focus a lot on “internet” businesses – ecommerce, affiliate marketing, info products, etc. But there’s a whole world of “real world” service providers out there – financial planners, attorneys, chiropractors, consultants, etc. who increasingly rely on the internet to grow their practices. If […]

The Secret To Truly Accurate Keyword Research

Accurate Keyword Research

Keyword research can be a pain in the butt challenge. There’s no getting around it, however. Keywords are the foundation of your search marketing strategy. Miss the mark on your keywords and your results suffer. There’s no shortage of keyword research tools to help you come up with keyword ideas…from the free Google Keyword Tool…to […]

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Josh Turner’s background is as a finance guy…serving as the CFO for a few companies in the construction industry. He got tired of working for others, however, and decided it was time to go out on his own. So he founded Gateway CFO Solutions which offers outsourced CFO services for small businesses that don’t have […]

How To Laser Target Your Prospects With Facebook Ads


It’s popular to trash Facebook these days. Its stock price has fallen to record lows, billionaires are dumping their stock, big companies are abandoning their paid advertising campaigns and there have even been doubts raised about the legitimacy of Likes companies get from their FB ads. Certainly Facebook advertising isn’t going to work for everyone. […]