About Adam Kreitman

Adam is the owner of Words That Click, an online marketing company named one of the “Best Marketing Firms” by St Louis Small Business Monthly. He’s an online marketing strategist for small and mid sized businesses who focuses not just on driving traffic to websites but, more importantly, on converting that traffic to leads and sales.

Adam got his start in online marketing while running a drug testing company. It was there he discovered the power of Google AdWords as a way to drive targeted web traffic and as a potent market research tool. It didn’t take him long to realize it’s much more fun helping business owners grow their businesses online than trying to track down drug users.

Adam is also the co-founder of the Main Street Marketing Community (an organization dedicated to educating small, local business owners about online marketing), is a member of Expert4Entrepreneurs, has been featured on NBC and ABC TV as an online marketing expert, and was named to a list of “20 Smokin’ Hot Pieces of Brain Candy” along with Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gitomer and Alan Weiss.

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Interview: Big Data Marketing Ain’t Just For Big Business Anymore

big data

I first met Kevin Milani of Mendicant Marketing at a conference that a number of high level AdWords consultants were attending. So when he introduced himself as a “World Class AdWords consultant” my initial thought was “Yeah, okay buddy, we’re all pretty good here!” But after spending a lot of time with him at the […]

5 Landing Page Lessons from Top PPC Advertisers To Help You Crush the Competition

thumbs up

If you’re paying for AdWords clicks in competitive markets, you gotta have you’re act together. And, that doesn’t just mean optimizing your keywords, ad copy, targeting, etc. in AdWords. It means having a landing page that converts at a level that leaves your competitors in the dust. So when you see advertisers consistently bidding for […]

A Lesson in Google AdWords from 4 Accounting Software Companies

web design trend

If you’re in the market for accounting software (I’m assuming you’re not using paper ledges and pencils anymore!), there are no shortage of companies that would like your business. It’s a high-competition market, with Google’s Keyword Tool estimating cost-per-clicks at more than $8 for the keywords “accounting software.” Below we dissect the AdWords ad and […]

7 Key Factors That Can Boost Local Reviews Up to 900%: An Interview with the Master of Local Search

happy customers

Bob Sommers is one of the most likeable guys you’ll ever meet. He built the largest customer service training company in the country. Then, in 1996, he sold that company and moved to Maui. It wasn’t long before he discovered the world of Internet Marketing which quickly became a passion of Bob’s. Especially Local Search. […]

Perry Marshall Reveals the Secret to Building the Perfect Sales and Marketing Team


Perry Marshall is well known for his best-selling book “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” (now in its 3rd Edition) as well as his many AdWords courses and coaching programs. Through his work, Entrepreneur Magazine says “He has helped over 100,000 advertisers save literally billions of dollars in AdWords stupidity tax.” But if you only […]

AdWords Lessons From a Fiercely Competitive Market


It’s actually pretty simple. Ad copy and landing page.  That’s all a prospect will see of your AdWords campaign. If you get the messaging on both right (and it jives with the keyword they typed into Google), there’s a good chance you’ll be successful with AdWords. If not, you’ll probably be helping Google’s bottom line […]

How To Get a Consistent Flow of Customers in 5 Simple Steps


A lot of people get really good at one piece of the marking/selling equation (ie. PPC, SEO, Social Media, Direct Mail) but either completely ignore, or badly botch, the rest of the equation. Dov Gordon realized that if you want a consistent flow of customers, you have to pay attention to the ENTIRE equation. So […]

The One Email That Belongs in Every Autoresponder Sequence

Email Autoresponder Sequence

John Fancher is Perry Marshall’s “go-to” copywriter and has written for the Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle among many others.  John writes A LOT…both copy and music. He’s particularly well-known for his expertise in writing autoresponders and plays a big role in Perry Marshall’s Autoresponder Bootcamp training program (a course I’ve taken and can very highly recommend). […]

The Essence of Google AdWords in 876 Words

how to google adwords

Thanks to an unexpected Amazon.com gift card from a consulting client, I’ve been reading Tim Ferriss’ new book, The Four Hour Chef. Now, honestly, I have no interest in learning how to cook. With two young kids and a wife who also works full-time, I feel just getting something edible on the table (as opposed […]